Last Friday, Next Friday

Last Friday was spent at
Conneaut Lake Park.

One of my favorite places to be..
I went there when I was young.
I took my girls there
and now
my grandchildren.

The park has struggled over the years,
they are persevering
coming back.
It was so nice to see a nice crowd
a clean midway,
ride attendants that went above and beyond
to make sure that
all the families
had a great day!
Four generations spent the day there
Mom and Dad,
Gracelyn, Kendall and Garren.
There was something for everyone!
Such a relaxing day!

next Friday,
I start this.
A painting class in Virginia
at the
Pampered Palette.

I can't wait.
It has been a long time since I have taken a seminar.
Three days of painting,
no phone,
no stress,
no demands.
What a break!

I have always loved this painting.
This well worn book sits on my coffee table all the time.

I even bought this piece a few years ago.
Now I am going to try to make my own.

And funding that trip?
A lot of this.

Four of these in the last week.
I'll be glad to be painting fruits and flowers after these!


The last time I was at Conneaut Lake Park was the summer of l985 with my husband and 3 daughters. It was such a nice little amusement park. When I was a young teenager, our family used to camp in Espyville at Pymatuning Lake. Mom and Dad would take us to Conneaut for an evening. I had heard over the years that the park had deteriorated, glad to hear it's been refurbished somewhat and still keeping the tourisits coming in.
Looks like a Beautiful park...and what wonderful memories you'll have! Have fun at your painting class!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Robbie said…
Is this the park in Penna???? We also went to Kennywood Park!! are bringing back memories!!