Sunday, July 8, 2012

My weekend so far...

Well, it is going to be one of THOSE posts,
so hang on!
Keep in mind the 100+ degree heat
that runs throughout this entire account.
Also keep in mind that there are two small
window air conditioners
in this house
that work
really hard,
but just don't keep up.

So with that said....
of course
I did get this rug finished.

I had hoped to get these done...
well there is still today.
Twenty of these to do,
and I have five done.

much of the weekend has no pics,
you will have to use your imagination.

Friday night
after work
Wyatt arrived.
Keep in mind
that while we have called the two oldest boys
a couple of Rotties,
this little boy
is wilder than they ever were.
He is 18 months of constant motion.
I am talking
"batten down the hatches"

From 5:00pm
emptied my spice cupboard
and I was getting him out of that,
I didn't notice that he had a
small container of
blue food coloring.
Blue hands, blue legs,
blue mouth,
blue grandma hands,
blue kitchen floor,
blue clothing...
A picture would have been really special.
But who had time to get a camera?
While I was picking up some dumped furniture,
I lost the shift key on my computer.
How did he get that off?
So at this point,
I think that I will take him outside.
The Rotties are out there,
maybe they will run some of the energy off of him.
The boys are riding their bikes.
I put Wyatt on the tractor
and push him.
Please refer back to the 100+ degree heat.
Finally, he decides to push it himself...
right into my car.
Chipped and dented.
Blue everywhere
no shift key
wrecked car.
not bad for an evening with an 18 month old.

Still with me?
We will move on to Saturday..
after a really hot, non-sleeping night.
Get Wyatt up,
get him fed and dressed,
load the car seat into my MIL's car
load the same MIL into her car.
Drop Wyatt at home,
Drop MIL at dialysis.
try to follow.
On Friday,
after John was gone for the weekend,
I found out that my driveway,
which was to be sealed sometime next week,
would be done on Monday AM,
which meant that the driveway needed edged before Monday AM.
I borrowed an edger from friends.
I hate to borrow anything, but power tools are the worst to borrow.
We don't have regular sidewalks, so I normally don't need an edger.
So, after dropping said MIL,
I head to Sears to buy an edger of my own.
Here is how the next hour went.
Sears, not open.
Tractor Supply,
the clerk points randomly in the direction of the edgers.
no help.
Back to Sears.
The little boy there points to the weedeaters.
But he hasn't turned the lights on yet,
and I have to step over lawnmowers to get there.
Ace Hardware.
The clerk points to the area of the weedeaters
says she will send someone back.
No one comes.
So at this point,
I think that I will just use the borrowed one.
But I need regular gas for it and all we have is mixed gas,
so I have to buy a can somewhere.
Oh well, off to Shawnee's to visit those two cute little children.
But first,
a yard sale.
I find a cute little sweater and scooter for Gracelyn,
and as I turn around,
I see it....
I snatch that up and off I go.
Visit with the kids,
Gracelyn takes me on her
Berry Walk.
For as timid as she is about everything else,
that little girl is sure comfortable in the woods.
Back to pick up my MIL at dialysis,
Get her lunch,
get her home,
change my clothes
and out to edge the driveway.
100 + degrees.
Five hours later,
the driveway is edged,
cleaned off,
I even got the campground mowed at the fairgrounds.

So here is the driveway,
ready to be sealed tomorrow morning.

I have sweated more than I thought was even possible.
But the whole time
all I could think was how fun those boys are going to have on a freshly sealed driveway.
They are going to be
just like
Mater and Lightning
Radiator Springs!

Off to Ohio to spend the day with my
Mom and Dad.
They were away for both
Mother's Day
Father's Day,
I am going to hopefully make it in time to go to
church with them
take them to dinner.


Diane said...

girl I'm exhausted just reading what you do. Hope you enjoy the visit with your parents and dinner in a nice air conditioned restaurant!!

Catherine Holman said...

My goodness I'm exhausted! I can't imagine how you feel!

Sheila said...

Chuckling all through the post......isn't it nice that JWS was gone for all the excitement AND work?
Hope you have a great visit with your folks and a little R&R :-)
Sending cool thoughts and sweaty hugz!

Lesley said...

I am exhausted and sweaty reading this. LOL
My goodness you need to go to work for a rest Cathy.
What luck with the edger, that was divine intervention!!!
Love those cans or vases and that rug looks great.
Never a dull moment in the S house.
Hugs Les♥

frontporchprims said...

Oh my goodness I have missed so much. Blogger has not been updating your blog on my sidebar so I have not been visiting:( I hope you have recovered from your crazy weekend by now and that your driveway is sealed and smooth. How funny you ended up getting the edger at a yard sale:) Wishing you a wonderful day.