Pantry Cakes, Painting and a Parade

Gracelyn decided to stack these pantry cakes that we made over the weekend.
Her version of a wedding cake.

She took the cinnamon process of pantry cakes very serious.  
The rest of the time...
this was her movement level.
Garren seems to be at his happiest when he is eating.

The beginning of the pantry cake process.
Believe me,
after the third batch,
nothing was this clean and shiny.

The candy cane parade went on loudly for quite awhile.

Garren even joined in at one point.

Garren seemed to think this was really funny!

Gracelyn with her wedding cake!

And even another painting finished.
We also spent a day at Conneaut,
just not sure where I filed those pics!


Danice said…
What a fun-filled day. I love the new sheep painting, also. Very nice :)
Angela said…
Looks like everyone had fun!!! Love the pantry cakes. I have them on my to do list. So many recipes out there.yours look great. Any advise you can send my way? The painting is beautiful as well. Hope you are having a great week.
Awww! What sweet grandchildren you have! Sounds like they kept you busy and entertained! Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Holly said…
Looks like everyone had a great time and wonderful memories were made! Love the pantry cakes!
TheCrankyCrow said…
You know I love me my sheep....this one is darling! But, oh....those pantry cakes turned out wonderfully!!! I've been so tempted to give those a try, but I have convinced "them" to let me play with melted wax yet. :o( Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (The parade looks like fun....I take it those candy canes make noise???)
Looks like a lot of fun at your house!!! So much fun creating with the little ones!!!
Love the sheep painting ~ you did a wonderful job!
Prim Blessings