Remember the case I found at an antique shop a week or so ago?
It didn't make it far,
but for now,
this is it's home. 
I think I need new candles!

Great Door Delivery of Yesterday.
Now to get them to the basement...
but first to find room for them in the basement.
Thank Goodness,
is more than slightly pre-occupied with fair preparations
barn building.
He has not had time to
completely go nuts
with this latest escapade.
The only thing he said was,
"Did you really NEED those?"
Who doesn't need 70+cabinet doors?
I mean really,
they match the 100+ cabinet doors in the basement already.
It's a collection!
(It might be a hoard, but let's not use that word just yet.)

I will end this with my sudden realization of yesterday.
I got to work and all attempts to fix my printer have failed miserably.
It is a large format printer that we use to make the films for the screens
and we were basically shut down without it.
It had to go elsewhere to get fixed.
Elsewhere being the other side of Pittsburgh.

Sixty miles each way of traffic.
I don't mind city driving.
What I hate most are
1. People who ride the left lane at 55 mph.
2. People who ride the right lane at 54 mph.

The speed limit is 65 mph.

The way I figure it is
right lane = 67 mph
left lane 80 mph+

I had such a bad case of
Road Rage Impatience.
It might have surpassed my
Waiting in the Dr's Inner Office Impatience.

The good news is,
the printer is fixed,
I even had time to find a nice antique shop.
More on that tomorrow.


I would Love to have all those cupboard doors! They are hard to find in my area! Glad to hear that you got your printer fixed! Oh my! I too have Road Rage Impatience. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Teresa said…
It's not hoarding if it is a collection.
I too don't know why people can't drive the speed limit at least. Took a trip to Florida and that place has to be the worst. It was no place for a California driver.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Lesley said…
ROFL, another exciting story Cathy. I don't think I could turn down an offer like those cupboard doors although over 70 might be a bit too much. At least we have a barn.....hmmmm.
Love that case you found...
Take a peek on my blog, just finished painting a cabinet that was FREE, was almost in the dumpster.
Have a super weekend.
Peeps that don't drive the speed limit in either lane drives me crazy. I hear ya