A found treasure in my MIL's garage.

while delivering today
I ran into a new antique shop and found this little case.
It jumped right off the shelf at me.
Figuratively, not literally.
No price tag,
the owner of the shop said
"Five Dollars."
And I jumped then.

And inside...
more treasures.
A miniature croquet set,
how cute!

And an old set of crayons.
The newspaper inside the case
was dated

But the BEST treasure...
is yet to come.

Kendall is getting a baby brother or sister!
that will be
Treasure #7 in our lives!

Doesn't Papa look happy?

Don't let that look fool you.
He is a nervous wreck when they are around!

I, on the other hand..
can't wait! 
I mean, after all, it has been over a year since we have had a new baby!


Catherine said…
Congrats on your wonderful news!!
Angela said…
Love your new found treasures. Can't wait to see what you do with the case. Love the crayons and the croquet set. Congrats. on a new arrival in the making. Would love to know I had a little bundle of joy on the way. Darbee Rae has grown so fast. Have a wonderful weekend.
Sheila said…
Wow Cathy, great finds and congratulations to your family on Treasure #7! Our boys are growing so fast I'd love a new baby to cuddle.
Happy for you.
Enjoy your weekend~
hugz and blessings
Can't believe there was a croquet set in that case!!! The kids should have fun with that...oh wait, I guess that's not a good idea. The boys will be boinking everyone with the wickets!!!! lol
Congrats on the baby news!!!! I knew it was getting too dull at your house!!!!
Susan in SC said…