How to Clean a Deck

Take a large tub,
fill it with sudsy water,
(Johnson's Baby more tears)
Add a five year old,
a four year old and
one year old...
and set them free,
sit back and watch the fun!

It's also a good way to entertain three small children.

They had a ball...
such cheap, clean entertainment.

The next morning,

Gracelyn convinced Papa to let her cook breakfast. 
He did supervise,
I mean after all,
she is only four.

A canvas painting,
inspired by this dish towel.

Two more finished scarves.

And more snowmen!


Holly said…
Wow..that look like a happy group of kiddos doing a great job! Love it.
Lesley said…
I bet the breakfast was yummy, how cute Gracelyn is learning early. Who knows where that might lead???
Love that canvas Cathy and your snowmen are the cutest.
You are getting lots done now.
Looks like they are having a lot of FUN!! So Adorable! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Snowmen! You sure have been busy. I seen your new pattern in Create and Decorate Magazine! Congratulations!