Peppers, Paint, A Dam and a Surprise

JWS came home from town yesterday
with peppers.
A lot of peppers!
He made this pepper relish that is delicious
on burgers, chips
or just a spoon!

I painted,

and painted...

and painted some more!

Jenn wanted to take the boys to see the dam.
They had seen the sign yesterday
and wanted to know
what it was.

This is about a mile from our house
as the crow flies.
As the Chevy goes,
 a little farther.
So this evening we went for a ride.
So close and yet I had not been there for a few years.

Mahoning Dam is a
Corp of Engineers
Flood Control Dam.
The boys were impressed.

A little friend that we saw on the way in.

And the surprise.
brought this home for me yesterday.
An Ipod!
I love it!
I spent the evening last night loading music on it.

What a guy!


acorn hollow said…
oh your peppers look so good. and Ipod you are a lucky woman. I love your paintings. you have been very busy.
Hello Cathy- Looks like you have been busy. Your Peppers look yummy!
And your painted creations are Beautiful as Always!
You are Lucky to have an Ipod. What Fun! All 3 of my Boys have one.
TheCrankyCrow said…
Hands are the most productive human I know.....and I've been following you a good long while. Yikes....It is 9:42 P.M. here, and I look around wondering what came of the weekend. Other than 4 loads of laundry (folded, but still piled on what used to be our dining room table), I have naught to show for it. It was with resignation that I boxed up the amazing plethora of tomatoes my sole little plant offered up (after bi-daily waterings and much pampering) so my husband can give them away, as I know I won't get around to canning them. Sigh. You inspire me....and depress me. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (So sorry to hear of your father's hospitalization - hope he is well on the road to recovery and healing now.....)
Debbie said…
Love the chalk boards! Now I need me one with roosters!!

Lucky lady to get a IPod!!!

Love your work! So nice!!!

God Bless~
Tam said…
Your painting is amazing
Oh my gosh, Your talented never ceases to amaze me! Love those little pumpkins. I hope you will stop by and enter my Amish giveaway. Have a blessed day!
jinxxxygirl said…
Just love your painting. Found my way here by Eileen the Artful Crafters blog! You are such an inspiration! Hugs! deb
I so wish I could paint like you do! Love all your creations!
Lesley said…
Well I must say sounds like you have a very productive weekend both of you.
Those peppers look yummy!
Love all the painted items and the dam looks interesting. A good time was had by all :)