As decorative painters, we used to have a saying,
"The wood has to season."
That was the excuse for buying wood
when we already had quite a bit.
It was the excuse for not painting some wood.
It was really
more like,
"I can't figure out what to paint on that."

This cupboard door has been in the basement stash/hoard
quite awhile.
Four years actually.
I remember when and where
I had to have it.
Construction Junction
Shelby was with me and pregnant.
Kendall is over three now.
It "seasoned" well.
It was ready!


Karen said…
BEAUTIFUL PAINTING...If only I lived closer I'd buy it but shipping would be horrendous!
Too cute!
You did a wonderful job ~ simply Beautiful!!!
Prim Blessings
Christine said…
Well it is seasoned and painted to perfection!
Love it!
Well is is seasoned just great. I love snowmen and he's a beauty.

Laurie said…
Seasoned perfectly Cathy! I think the years it waited was well worth it, I love how it turned out!
I'm so bad about buying things and saying I am going to turn that into something. I got rid of sooo many things when I moved, it makes me ill to think about them and what they could have been:( Your door came out great! Thanks for the inspiration:)
Absolutely gorgeous ! It came out wonderful !