Twenty Eventful Days!

As of the last post,
I had returned from a nice restful weekend of painting.
did I hit the ground running!
Almost a week of fair preparation,
mowing, decorating and
even testing my limited carpentry skills.
Two DD days,
(Dialysis Driver)
and Saturday brought the start of the fair.
High School Rodeo
on Saturday,
Horse Pull &
Kitchen help on Sunday,
followed by the church service
and the crowning
of a new fair queen.
A tearful farewell to last year's queen,
who holds a really special place
in our hearts.
A visit overnight from the
Pennsylvania State Fair Queen
and her mother.
Quick sheet changes..


in moved Toodles the Clown
and her son for the week.
Better houseguests could not be found!
They made themselves at home,
and we enjoyed having them.

The fair brings it's own form of exhaustion
we were tired when it was over.
rest was not in the cards.
My Dad was admitted to the hospital last Saturday
and Sunday
bright and early,
I was on my way to Ohio.

I came home to see this.

Logan's first day of school.
After two years of watching his brother get on the bus daily....

he finally got to go along!

Excited doesn't begin to describe his demeanor!

I might have had a tear or two.
When did they get this big?

Thursday AM was back to Ohio.
My dad was having another procedure.
The results were good!
What a relief!!

My Dad is 80 years young.
I know that I have been blessed to have him in my life
for all these years.
I count those blessings daily.
I am counting them hourly this week!

These hydrangeas were outside the hospital.
So pretty!

And the scarves at the top?

That was four days of nervous knitting
sitting around a hospital.

A couple of more days of rest would be nice!


Holly said…
You make me tired just reading your post! Wow! Love the pics. of the two headed off to school. So cute. I bet they were both excited! So glad your dad got good news and hope he continues to improve. Love the scarves!
Sheila said…
You always manage to get so much accomplished regardless of what's happening in your life! Glad that your Dad is doing better, I'm sure you're relieved. The boys look so cute heading out for their first day of school. Our Jonas starts full time kindergarten on Thursday. I agree "where did the time go?"
Take care, ttyl.

Denise said…
Sounds to me like you need to take a few days off for yourself! Hopefully, your dad will be feeling better soon. The boys are cute - where does the time go? Mine are both juniors in college...ack.
Good Morning Cathy- Glad to hear that your Dad is doing better. I'm keeping him in my Prayers.
You sure have been busy! The Boys look so adorable in the pictures, heading off to school. My youngest is going to be in 6th grade this yr. I don't know where the time has gone. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Take Care.
acorn hollow said…
Oh you are amazing! glad you got post. I hope things have calmed down at this point.
Balisha said…
Oh my...what a busy time for you. Those little guys are just precious. Love that back to school pic. Glad to hear that your Dad's on the mend...Take it easy's too short.
Glad to hear your Dad is doing good. Wow, Logan in school. Monica will be in 1st grade and it starts Wed.
Take care,