Another "Normal" Day

Crafts and Craziness.
That is how they go for me.
I was on the DD delivery,
Delivering my MIL to Dialysis.
No time to waste,
there were 21 boxes of shirts arriving
and I had to get back to work. 
But first,
a stop at Walmart.
Hair elastics for these wallets,
some thread
an errand for my MIL
but it turned out
Two bats,
flew within a foot of my legs.
Anyone who knows me,
knows that
bats are my worst fear!
Really tight spaces would be next,
but they are mostly avoidable
situations such as airplanes.
Bats are unpredictable
and now
they are even in Walmart!
Let me tell you, I vacated fast!

back to the crafts.
I found this link.
and wow!
They have the greatest tutorials!
Check them out!

I have this hoard of sample books
am always on the lookout to find projects to use them up.

And these are perfect!

Small wallets
that just happen to eliminate some of the
lace and button hoard also.

Perfect for those rewards and other cards
that jam up your wallet.

To go on with the craziness...
those of you that love the Amish,
should have visited yesterday afternoon.
That would be after the buggy
pulled in and the horse left a "deposit"
and I had to clean that up with the snow shovel.
Let's see how much you like them then!

And the last craziness.
JWS and I had term life insurance policies that ran out.
We have to get new ones and
of course,
we have to have physicals.
You know the ones that the nurse comes to your house?
Scheduled for a month,
that was to be last night at 5:30.
We fasted,
that was the worst.
She didn't show up,
she didn't call.
We ate at 6:30.
Somebody is getting a call today!
How rude!

And lastly...
The new Create and Decorate came in the mail yesterday.

My snowman is in it!
Great magazine,
it has some wonderful projects in it.
I am excited to be a part of it!


Ann said…
Cathy - I'm glad you put "Normal" in quotation marks! LOL.

Thanks for the link to the tutorials - I think! More projects for me to add to the UFO list. HA.

Congratulations on the project publication. ~Ann
Karen said…
What a great post...I so can relate to the Bats...I don't want to be near them. One flew in our bedroom shortly after we got married and brushed our faces...needless to say it was a very sleepless night.
Great use of the fabric samples - love those wallets.
CONGRATULATIONS on being in the magazine. Rightly so!!!

Come on over and take my challenge please!

Sheila said…
Morning Cathy,
you have the luck don't you?! I once had a bat waiting for me when I went to work at our church one morning! There I am unlocking the glass doors, arms full and ready to walk up the steps to the office, it was hanging upside down on the carpeted stairway!!! I have have chills thinking of it right now. The Pastor hadn't come yet so I quickly backed out the door, locked up and sat in my car till he showed up and did away with it!
Your wallets are awesome and great stocking stuffers!
Got my C & D magazine the other day and love your snowman.
Hope you have an uneventful day~
Laurie said…
Lovin' it Cathy! Those wallets are awesome, and congrats on your snowman being published!!
We had Bats in our house all the time, when I was younger! It was an old house. Those things give me the chills! Love your wallets! And Congratulations on your Snowman being Published!