Flip Flops and Yo-Yo's

Thursday, I booked our trip to Florida.
It's been more than two years since
JWS and I took a real vacation together.
Let's just say,
Saturday, JWS bought these flip flops for himself.
As a side note,
He has NEVER worn flip-flops!
No foreign object has ever
 invaded the space
between his toes,
delicate feet that they are.
last night we were going to a picnic.
And I tell him to wear his new flip-flops.
Good thing I added,
better throw your sneakers in the car,
just in case.
One hour into the picnic,
I see him hobbling to the car.
I know it's bad,
because he left his plate of food on the table.
Life and death moment here!

And today.

The antibiotic has been as close at hand,
as the remote and the newspaper.
That's bad.
Real bad.
And he has whined...
a lot.
He is talking as though he is not going to work this week.
He is considering this a major injury.
then he whines some more.
He has re-applied the antibiotic hourly,
has even complained about it not being name brand
For Sale:
A gently used pair of flip flops.
The husband comes with them.
(at least until his toe cracks heal)

I plugged in the IPod
and glued
Paper clip yo-yo's

And hair barrette yo-yo's

What a great stash-buster.
At least it justifies
some of the
Button Hoard.


Lesley said…
Oh poor JWS, hope the toe cracks heal. He might be better off with just a man sandal. Leaving a plate of food????? it must have been that bad.
Love your yo yo craftiness. I can see these being a great seller for your Open House.
Take care and hope you have a great time in Florida. When do you go???
Kathy said…
Aww poor guy.. must be pretty bad...lol Love all these yoyos.. very cool.. so this will justify the button hoard for sure??? a vacation sounds loverly.. for how long? You will have a wonderful time..just getting away...
How Exciting!!! A trip to Florida, you so deserve it. Love the yo-yo's. The possibilities with them are endless I see. Oh your poor hubby! Hope he heals fast! Have a wonderful Labor Day!

acorn hollow said…
Ha ha ha I am laughing because that is exactly how my husband would be. He has never worn a pair of flip flops on chance he geat a blister. we have to get the sandles that are more like shoes with a lots of holes cut.Hope husband is feeling better soon. Love the yo yo's
Tam said…
Hope hubby gets better, I never made yoyos basically wasn't sure how to use them but love this idea Thanks
Ann said…
Have a great time in Florida - and stop by Dick's sporting goods before you go and pick up JWS a pair of Nike slip on sandals! He'll be more comfortable and you will enjoy your vacation!

Cute Yo-yo's.

Holly said…
Poor hubby! Hope his feel heal soon! Love your yo-yo paper clips.