Limiting Loved Ones

I really try hard to be more tolerant of people
human nature
as I get older.
Some days just push my resolve a little more.
Yesterday was one of them.
My Dad was having gall bladder surgery
in Ohio.
JWS offered to go with me.

JWS' morning routine
is that I bring him coffee
in bed
at 6:30.
Ninety percent of his mornings start that way.
He watches the news and wakes up.
I shut the bedroom door and try to be quiet
while I have already usually been up for two hours,
walked three miles,
painted something
or cleaned out a cupboard,
updated my blog,

Well anyway,
I am a morning person,
he is not.

So this is how yesterday went.
Up at 3:30,
both of us.
Out the door at
4:40 AM.
Twelve miles away,
drop stuff at Shawnee's,
pick up stuff at Shawnee's
to take to my Mom.
(Wedding stuff...believe me, another whole post for another time.)
It was all left in her car, so no one was awakened.
I notice JWS shifting
not talking.
But it is morning and I know to leave him alone.
He is driving faster and faster
and he pulls into to Sheetz
through clenched teeth hisses,
"Go in there and get my Tums and bring them out,
get two packs, throw one on the counter
and bring the other pack out to me
then go back and pay for them."
Alrighty then!
So I do that.
Now anyone who has ever been to a Sheetz at Five AM
would know
that a blonde 50ish woman
with nice clothes
and jewelry
is going to stand out
But then, when you make a rushing scene
of running in,
stealing Tums
and running out,
when you are
1.) The only woman in the place
2.) The only person in there NOT in a camo hat.
everyone is looking.
I throw the Tums at JWS,
who is not looking good,
and go back and pay for them
go back out to find him holding his chest,
walking around in the car wash
saying not nice words.
OK people it is 5 AM!!!
Finally we determine
that it is not
and he sits back down in the driver seat.
Still standing outside the car,
I gently tell him,
"OK, if there is any chance that this might still be  
I would prefer to not go with you...

So, foggy, detours,
city driving
97 miles
two hours later,
we arrive at the hospital.
JWS' pain has lessened
now he is sick from my driving.

Skip to 9:15,
Dad is going down to surgery
we are to wait
in the family waiting room.
This is the third time
Mom and I have spent the day in this waiting room
in the last three weeks.
This is the third time that this similar event has happened.
This is JWS' first experience.
The waiting room is really nice,
large television,
a nice volunteer to help you,
kitchen with complimentary coffee,
table and chairs,
I am sure that you have all been in them.
Small groups (2-3 people)
waiting for their loved ones to come out of surgery.
And then it happens.
TWELVE adult and two toddler loved ones arrive
for one loved one
that is having surgery.
Complete with
twelve one liter bottles of pop,
twelve take-out bags of fast food,
five large shopping bags of bag snacks.
One of the twelve immediately
gets the remote for the tv,
adjusts the channel
and turns it up
to a higher decibel level
than all their voices.
Several of the twelve
drain the complimentary coffee pot
start to systematically
try to empty the two vending machines.
Mom and I sit there calmly,
we have seen it all before.
JWS is staring in bewilderment,
I text my mom,
"Now JWS is about to get the true experience"
and we laugh and watch it happen.
He begins to sweat.
We are there from 9:30 until 2:30
and in that time,
this family
hit the cafeteria
for take out,
ate all the bag snacks that they brought,
drank all the pop,
answered their loud ring tone cell phones,
played games on cell phones
without the sound turned down,
loudly laughed and hooted
over daytime sit-coms,
and were generally rude and disruptive.
The final straw came
when the volunteer finally told them
that they would have to take the
screaming toddler out of there.
The mother,
who apparently thought we had complained,
kept stomping right by where we were sitting
loudly proclaiming
"It's a baby, can't ANYONE understand that?"
The next stomp,
less than a minute later,
(I should have shown her the pic of the six I have at that point)
The stomps and rants continued
and still I kept quiet.
I mean we were outnumbered
four to one,
if you don't count the babies.
And after all, they were sugared and carbed up
and we hadn't had anything to eat all day.
The odds were not in our favor
for a rumble.

I have to admit,
while I was glad to see my Dad
come out of surgery,
I was more relieved to be leaving that waiting room.

And the moral of the story:
Loved ones should be limited,
at least in hospital waiting rooms.

And the question to ponder:
Who has that many loved ones
that don't have jobs?

I did get two more scarves finished!


Catherine said…
I can so relate to the entire waiting room scene! I agree that there should be limits and a level of respect for others that are waiting.
Love, love, love those scarves ~ especially the green one!
Holly said…
Wow..what a day for all of you! Some people have no respect for others when it comes to a situation like that. So glad your hubby was o.k. and your dad made it through surgery ok.
Laurie said…
Excitement just follows you around wherever you go doesn't it Cathy!? I don't know how you managed to made these beautiful scarves in the middle of That mayhem! Glad everyone is fine.
bettyj said…
Well,I have to confess, your situation gave me a good chuckle. Sorry. I could just envision all of this. Did you ever wonder, "okay, where are the cameras and where is my consent form?" Not that I think your Dad's surgery, nor your husbands attack, was funny, but I think you get it. I sense a good sense of humor here. Seriously, I have been in the situation and it is almost unbearable. Do you think they ever realized they were creating havoc?
Denise said…
You could have been talking about my sister's in-laws. BIL is one of 12 - add spouses and kids - and look out. She had a graduation party at her home - two of the boys tried to climb up on the shed roof and jump off. Eegads!
jinxxxygirl said…
I can so relate to that story....I have had the opportunity to be in several waiting rooms over the past couple years and i have to tell you it just keeps getting worse...I have to say that i still don't think its the majority of people that are that way and i think part of the problem is that we are all so tolerant of them....we don't want to rock the boat or make a scene...i'm glad the volunteer finally said 'something' but most of these volunteers are elderly and i wouldn't want to see them have to up against those 12....I mean how hard is it to understand that your children should not be bothering other people (perhaps should not be there at all)especially in tense waiting room situations, what happen to teaching children manners when out in public...? Yeah can you tell you hit one of my buttons...oops Hugs! deb
Ann said…
Cathy, I know when I read your posts that I will be highly amused. Thank you! I needed a good laugh on this Friday afternoon - I'm sorry JWS!

Hope your Dad is doing ok, especially so JWS doesn't have to go back to the waiting room. LOL.

Love the scarves - I'm on my second one of the same pattern. ~Ann
Cathy, Glad to hear JWS and your Dad are doing fine. Personally, I would have got up and left!! I don't know how you dealt with's annoying!!!! Back here, they give you a beeper and you can wait in the patient's room till they ring the beeper then go out to the waiting room and the doctor will come talk with you there.
Lesley said…
What a day. You certainly have had your share of different people to talk about Cathy. Good grief, I agree there should be a limit to family members and respect for others who are waiting outcomes of their loved ones in surgery. Morality has gone down the toilet.
How is JWS btw, he should have that checked out.....
Hope your Dad is ok....
SweetPepperRose said…
Oh Cathy, how I miss popping over here, not only to see your lovely creations, but to read your real life stories! You have made my day, with laughter! YES, I know exactly what you mean, on ALL accounts in the story!
SweetPepperRose said…
Goodness - I failed to say so glad your Dad is ok, plus I just figured out that I have spelled your blog's name wrong on my site - I will change it asap :)