Price tags

I can't claim this as my own,
I am pretty sure it came from
Marie's Country Woodcrafts
Go check her out,
she is a wonderful painter
has the greatest patterns to sell!

Pricing and marking
drives me crazy.
I would much rather be creating.
But, here is a little tip.
Print your tags on the computer,
regular card stock works great.
Leave a blank area on the bottom. 
Cut them in strips,

Take the thread out of your sewing machine...
and sew along the top edge of the blank area.
It makes a nice perforated edge
on your tag
for your price.
If the person is buying your item for a gift,
they can simply tear off the bottom
and leave all of your information
on the tag.
It not only allows the receiver of the gift to
know that it was handmade,
but it leaves all of your information
for future sales!
I know these pics are backwards,
not enough coffee consumption
yet this morning.

And one more finished project.


What a great idea for the tags! Thanks for the tip.
LOVE your sheep painting - you are so talented!!!
Holly said…
What a neat idea. Never thought about making the perforated edge with a sewing machine! Love it.
Lesley said…
Lovely painting and great idea for the price tags. I will have to read that over again.
Looks like you and I have the same thought, I hate pricing, drives me crazy and I am not very good at it, I end up not charging as much as I should oh well I would rather sell than hold onto things forever. Your Open House sounds so exciting. Good luck girlfriend.
That's a great tip about using the sewing machine. Never would've thought of that. :-) Very cute tags too.
Laurie said…
I love the tag idea Cathy! And as always, your projects are so beautiful.
Sheila said…
Great tags and tips! TFS
I'm with you I hate taking time to price.....worse yet, I hate taking the pics too!
I'm sure your open house will be a great one!
Thanks for the tip, Cathy! What a wonderful idea. Love the sheep!