Weekend Finishes

Still cramming for the open house....
Every year, I think I will start earlier.
Yeah, right!

Found this cute idea on Pinterest.
The discs are painted with chalkboard paint.
Perfect pricing for all the little stuff!


Cathy, I love all of your new paintings but especially the little suit case! Adorable! And what a great idea for the chalk board cloths pin price tags! I might have to borrow that idea for my craft shows!
Looks like your getting a good inventory ready for your open house.
SweetPepperRose said…
LOVE! I know you've got to be tired of hearing me say 'you're so talented', but, You're So Talented! I wish I could have you paint all over my cabinets! LOVE the pumpkin!
PS You're gonna be {a little bit} proud of me. I finished the denim "circle" table runner, finally! just haven't had time to run the pics thru Picasa yet. Hope to get them posted tonight / tomorrow.
Beautiful Cathy! Love all your new creations!

Lesley said…
Oh squeal, I love it all Cathy. That snowman suitcase is adorable.
I love Pinterest, I visit it daily. I like the pricing idea..hmmm might snag that one.
I bet your Open House will be a huge success....
Hope live is slowing down a bit??? NOT....LOL
Love the suitcase paintings. Love that idea with the discs!!! Oct 16th you say is the open house???
Will try to get there...I said that last year, didn't I???