Monday, October 8, 2012

Memorable Quotes of the Weekend

The big accomplishment of the weekend was
getting all of the open house stuff from the attic
pricing it. 
My Open House is in less than two weeks.
Usually, this happens the day before.
How nice to have it all done.
Logan's comment,
"Gramma, what in the heck happened to our bedroom?
where are we going to sleep?" 
He must have thought  this was permanent.

Sunday had us on a hayride.
A little cold
but what fun!
Tyler's comment of the weekend.
"I have not been on a hayride like this since 1955!"

Wyatt was not a big fan of sitting still,
but managed to endure
his first hayride!

Logan and Kendall loved it!
Logan picked one of the the biggest pumpkins in the patch!

My camera went dead at this point.
The kids all made these t-shirts.

We printed a white design on white t-shirts,
hung them on the clothesline
the kids sprayed them with dye.
When they sprayed them,
the design showed up.
Let me tell you,
I was a little nervous it was not going to work.
Twenty kids,
ages 1 - 12
spray bottles of dye,
All the makings of a disaster...
but it worked great!

Even the adults got in on the fun!

Here is Kendall in hers this morning.
Kendall's quote when she got to the farm,
"See that cow down there?
It is waiting for me to go and pet it!"

And a few "finishes" of the weekend.
T-shirt rug I have been working on.

Some recipe clips.

Another tavern board

Message board

And some pumpkin magnets.

Slate coasters

I have spent way too much time
camper sites
getting ideas
planning my camper decorating scheme.

If you haven't been following along,
we acquired a
camper last week.

If you want to follow the journey.

It should be interesting!

It will be my winter project.
JWS is buying a golf cart
I am working on the camper.
Quality time in the garage this winter!

I say we will be screaming at one another before December!


acorn hollow said...

great quotes from the kids. and lucky you with the vintage camper that is on my list to have one day.
you had one busy weekend for sure.

Karen said...

I have never seen this paint you put on shirts and then spray to show up....what a fun idea - can you share the resources???
Oh how I love hayrides...not any around here that I know of.
What fun - a camper - and you can make it look EXACTLY like you want - I'm sure you will have lots of followers on this one.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Cathy. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Loved to go on Hayrides when my boys were little. The t-shirt idea sounds like fun. As always, love your creations. Have a wonderful week!

Cami Selene said...

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Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Great quotes! :D

That is so neat about the shirts, never heard of that technique before.

Wishing you lots of fun with your camper. :)

Holly said...

Looks like a great time! I've never heard of doing shirts like that but they turned out so cute and sounds like a lot of fun to make! Love all of your creations. Especially like the pumpkin magnets! Too cute! Have a happy Monday!

Laurie said...

I love Tyler's opinion of the hay ride! Looks like a lot of fun Cathy, good luck on your open house!!