Bobbing for Influenza

I call it
Bobbing for Apples.
My germ conscious children
call it
Bobbing for Influenza,
Bobbing for MRSA....
I mean
they are all family!

It's not as if we invited the trick or treaters
in off the street
to put their germs in there.

Logan worked really hard.
Gracelyn was the first to get one.
Wyatt reached in and took a bite
out of every apple.

And then they costumed up.

See how one is not co-operating?

He really does not like to sit still.

and pretty much refused to pose.

Kendall channeling
Honey Boo Boo
Endora from Bewitched.
We were not sure,
but that was really some eyeliner.

It was cold, but they persevered.

Garren was the youngest monkey.

And Logan was Toad.
I didn't understand it
until he showed me it on

Open house is over,
vacation is over,
now it is time to work on the camper.


Holly said…
Looks like they all had a lot of fun! They are all so cute.
Karen said…
OMgosh this is just You must have had so much fun doing this.
It's so great that the kids are all close to the same age...our grand children are split into 3 different age groups. 19/24; 14/12; 4 months/4 years. See how spread out they are! Wish we had them all the same ages sometimes like you do.
Awww! Looks like fun was had by all! I miss those days, taking my boys out Trick or Treating!