Election Comments from a Seven Year Old

This is my conversation with Tyler after school yesterday
regarding voting.

He arrived at my house via the school bus.
He walked in and saw my voting sticker.

Tyler: Grandma, did you vote?
Me: Why yes I did.
Tyler: Who did you vote for?
Me: Mitt Romney
Tyler: We voted in school.
Me: Who did you vote for?
Tyler: Mitt Romney
Me: Why did you vote for him?
Tyler: Because the other guy already had a chance.

And that
is all I am going to say about that!


Susannah said…
Out of the mouths of babes!!!!!
That's so true, hysterical! Love it!
jennifer768 said…
Never know what a child is thinking!LOL! Hugs,Jen
How Sweet! You have a smart Grandson!
Enjoy your evening, Cathy!
Karen said…
Yep...so true. They know!!!
Dee in NC said…
What a smart and fair grandson you have!
Too bad everyone else didn't think like that!!!!!
Wise little man you got there...maybe he can run someday and get us out of this mess. He seems to already have more common sense than the whole lot in Washington !