700th Post!

You might think that it should be monumental,
a milestone,
some really deep words of wisdom....
a giveaway,
but no...
just more of the same.
700 posts
family happenings,
thrift store shopping,
a little decorating
whole lot of nonsense.
And so,
in that true fashion
I will hopefully
700 more
over the next four years.

And so,
this one will avoid the
family happenings
sometimes the kids' humor
just cannot be shared
until I have an anonymous blog.
If anyone has a burning desire to know what that is...
just leave me a comment
and I could be prompted to tell you...

The top picture was a thrift shop find from a few weeks ago.
Ok, I kind of forgot about it,
it was in the back of my car
and it just made it to the house last night.
How can anyone pass up those train cases?
This one was only $1.00
found at St. Vincent de Paul
and in perfect shape.
It is going in the camper.
The melamine dishes
for all of those. 
We were at an antique mall last night and just the
cream and sugar set
were there for
Truthfully, that is what made me remember they were in the back of the car.

This little lamp was found at
B and E Depot
just outside of Kittanning.
I love that place! 
Barbara is always so friendly
we have such fun chats
while I shop.
If her hubby is there,
he is always ready to hand me
a fresh cup of coffee!
I decorated the shade with some pennants....

And here it sits!

I found these cute little hankies last night.
$1.00 each.
I want to made the girls pillows
with those folded into butterflies.
I will be heading to
to figure that out!

And this...
not the greatest picture.
had me on a harrowing trip to
Pittsburgh to get my printer fixed
yet again.
That could be a whole blog post in itself,
but we aren't going to relive that again.
As a reward to myself,
for not
giving in to road rage
and rear ending
one of the people
who drive the left lane at 55 mph,
I allowed myself
the time luxury
of going to the

If you live in the Pittsburgh area
and have a creative bone in your body,
even if it is a tiny bone....

I love that place
walking through the door
makes me
wish that I still lived in the city!

I found this linen cloth to stitch,
along with
a few other items
that I actually put away already.
I seriously go on sensory overload
everytime I am there.
Coming home,
I thought of a few other projects
from items I saw there....
which would probably
explain why I made a few wrong turns
and even went down a closed street.
I realize that there is
drunk driving
sleep deprived driving
driving while sleeping,
I am here to tell you...

Crafter's Thinking of Their Next Project Driving
just might be worse
than all the others.

At the end of the closed street was
(there was another way to get there....but in my quest
to arrive, I didn't see the closed street sign until it was in my rear view mirror
and the construction workers were shaking
their fists at me)
Click there to go to their Facebook Page.
This place is so nice?
The people are friendly
it is clean and arranged so welcoming!
The prices are very reasonable
there is really something for everyone!
I have been looking for something like this for my table for a couple of months.
Not willing to pay the prices that I have been seeing,
this one fit the table
my wallet
I am going to paint it
dark green
and distress it.

In my mind,
that is going to happen today
along with completing
decking of the halls!

Mystery thread.
Does anyone know what this thread is used for?
I found it in my cleaning up
in a box of my aunt's craft supplies.
It almost feels like wool
and I wonder if it came out of a kit.
Has anyone ever seen it?

honestly folks
this is it,
I have rambled on long enough.
I went to a home party
a week or so ago.
Cranberry Cornstalk.
I was curious.
I had never heard of it before.
I bought this
when I got home last night
it was on my kitchen counter.
JWS agreed to hang it immediately
I am really liking this.

When I bought it,
I was not sure where I would put it,
but really this is the perfect place.
Now let's see how many people bump their head on it!

I am already thinking what I am going to paint to put on it in the spring.
Maybe I should figure that out BEFORE
I get behind the wheel of the car again!


Elisha said…
Lol..... The crafting thoughts while driving! SO TRUE!!!! nd I'm SO relieved I'm not the only one that does this
Sheila said…
Great post as always! Sounds like you found some great stuff......the linen to embroider reminds me of my mom. I was only 11when she passed but I remember her always having items like that that she was working on. Don't see much of it these days.
Can't even imagine what the grands have been up to!
Enjoy your Sunday.
Laurie said…
Congrats on 700 posts Cathy! And, another fun one! I have many colors of the same thread that were given to my sister in law. She got it from a friend who's mother was heavy into crafting, and he didn't know what it was for either! I guess we'll find out together, if someone has the answer that is!
jennifer768 said…
Hi Cathy,congrats on 700 posts.I sure hope that there are at least that many more.Love all the treasures you have found,how lucky are my friend.The mystery thread is punch needle thread I believe.Hugs,Jen
Congratulations on your 700th Post Cathy! You know you should turn this all into a book one day! I will be the first in line to buy it!
Love your new treasures. I have the thoughts of crafting when I am driving too! Had a few close calls. Crafting can be dangerous, Lol! I've been busy painting up those pockets. Thanks again for sending them. Take Care and Have a wonderful day!!

justducky65 said…
Wow 700 posts!! what an accomplishment! Congrats!

Did you ever figure out what the thread was used for? It looks to me that it might be the thread used for punch embroidery that was popular in the 80s. My mom used to do that craft, so that's my thought.