Centerpiece Remade

Remember this from the last post?
If you don't,
a reminder is down at the bottom of this post.
Crackle Medium,
some paint
some sanding.
Berry Vine
vintage light bulbs
we are decked!

Finished golf club covers...
an order for a friend. 
Years ago, I made a lot of these,
You would so carefully
cross stitch those blasted numbers on...
now thanks to Pinterest,
Stripes for the number!
Driver, one, three and five wood!

here is the before picture.
Just lacked some pizazz!


Danice said…
Very nice centerpiece re-do. The golf club covers are also awesome :)
jennifer768 said…
Cathy I love the remake!It was nice before but is wonderful now! Clever about the golf club covers.Have a wonderful night.Christmas blessings,Jen
Laurie said…
Now that's Pizazz! The after is definitely better Cathy. Love the idea for the clubs too. They're awesome!
Cathy, I adore your center piece. It is beautiful.
I also love the penny rug under that beautiful center piece.
I really enjoy your blog.
Christmas blessings
Love the centerpiece.
Very clever idea using the stripes instead of numbers.
Have a wonderful day!
SweetPepperRose said…
So pretty! and LOVE your penny table mat!!