Cork Ceiling

First of all,
I am going to apologize for these pictures
right up front.
I am not sure why,
but they are not that good.
Please bear with me,
I am sorry for all blurry,
grainy, fuzzy pics!
This brainstorm started on the day I had to take my printer to Pittsburgh.
I stopped at the
I cannot babble on about how much I love that place!
I saw the bassinet filled with wine corks,
so many possibilities,
it takes my mind a little while to process
those possibilities.
Somewhere about
Fox Chapel,
where Route 28 gets a little hairy
lanes are switching
I should have been paying more attention
it came to me!

This ceiling!
Clearly those corks would be perfect here.
I could cut them in half!
I could hot glue!
It would look so cool!
Why is that tractor trailer honking it's horn at me?

I really need to pay more attention when I drive.
OK folks,
I am just going to admit.
This has looked like this for way longer than it should have.
In another brainstorm moment,
several months ago,
I had decided that the kitchen cupboards here
needed to come down.
(Just so you know, that was a sitting on the couch moment,
not a driving moment)
JWS agreed to do just that
and the
cupboards came down!
Many months
plans to cover it later...

I now had a plan!
250 corks should cover it
according to my math.
I used to be good at math.
I seriously miscalculated this
right here is where I ran out.

Did I mention that JWS even allowed me to run the
band saw
to cut them in half?
Seriously folks,
the only power tool I am normally allowed to have
is the
hot glue gun
I have scars from that!
I struggle with the mixer,
try to avoid the food processor
don't even own an electric knife!
And just for the record...
I have sewn fingers into the sewing machine more than once.

Saturday morning,
had JWS
back at the
(Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse)
for another 300 corks
after my trip on
for 250 corks
and you see that little space in the bottom
left hand corner of the pic?
Still not enough corks.
Just so you know...
I am accepting donations for those....
just saying.
I don't have another trip to Pittsburgh in the next week.

And the nuts and bolts of the project?
I was going to use hot glue
informed me that I was not
and bought
the Mastic and that cute little scraper thing.
The whole project
took under three hours
really was not that messy!

Total cost?
Under $75

And back to the
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

Gracelyn, Garren and Shawnee
went with me on Thursday.
Gracelyn filled a bag with gems
as she calls them,
beads that she carefully sorted through to get a bag.
Garren found a lot of entertainment in an old typewriter.
(I have one of those in the hoard that I will be digging out for the kids)
Shawnee found some embroidery floss
I found the start of another project.

More on that later.


Tam said…
lOVE IT WELL WORTH IT, What is Mastic and scrappy thing?
jennifer768 said…
Oh my word but that is the neatest thing since sliced bread!I love it!Isn't it odd where the best ideas seem to pop into our heads? Notice I didn't say a word about it be safe.LOL! I see your math skills are about equal to mine.LOL! Can't wait to see the next project.Have a blessed day,Jen
p.s. I am thankful you still have all of your fingers..
Sheila said…
You are a "corker" for sure! I love that ingenious project Cathy but then again you always come up with some thing to captivate us.
Sounds like an awesome store I'd like too.
Have a great Sunday!
How Sweet is that? You are so clever my friend!