Two Night's Finds

Last Saturday night we went to an antique mall.
I found some cute handkerchiefs for some
butterfly pillows that I am making for the girls.
(More on that in another post.)
I found this metal sconce also and for some reason it 
just called me,
you know like those things in the Pier One commercials, 
sometimes things just say,
"Take me home!"
Really and truly, 
too many things say that, 
but you will see that as this post goes on.  

Thursday night had us serving food at an estate auction
having way too much fun bidding on stuff
and running up each other's bids.

I did get this little crock pot,
have been wanting one this size.

My friend, Kim, bought tons of boxes of blankets and material.
She washes then up and donates a lot of them to a women's shelter.
I pulled this fabric about,
loved the colors,
it will get added to the stash.

JWS got a little carried away on the glassware.

Let's just say
if we have a dinner party for four and
decide to serve
iced shrimp cocktails,
ice cream sundaes
in a crystal decanter..
we are good to go.
Now to find a place to store them until I plan that party.

And the stuff that you don't know whether to throw it away or not....

And this cute little cabinet,
watering can
silver mirror..

And the stuff that you know you are going to throw away!

Wednesday morning,
this is what I found on my desk.
The vitamins,
a joke from John,
the camper?
an early Christmas gift from Dawn..
how cute is that?

And below....

are things that will deserve their own blog posts. 

A cork ceiling that is in progress...
a huge box of linens and lace
that I will be laundering and sorting today.

I have a whole day at home
a huge list
ready to be tackled.

Love these days!


jennifer768 said…
Wow lots of wonderful treasures.Can't not wait to see the cork ceiling.Cute camper and such a sweet gift.Have fun sorting those linens.Hugs,Jen
Lesley said…
Great post Cathy, love the keyboard with all the vitamins, JWS is a scream. LOL cute camper and I have seen the cork ceiling. Very creative. Did I miss the post on the shave cream can??? I told my JB about the useage and he thought it quite interesting. I can tell you works for me. ROFL.....Have fun with all your "stuff".
Les xo