Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Afghan Progression

It sat on the coffee table from two days after Christmas
until New Year's Eve.

Then it had to be packed up and put in a basket.
I just couldn't stand the mess any longer. 

Still working on it,
just not allowing it to take over the house any longer.

Finished this over the break,
or at least all that it my part of it.
It is a gift for a friend
another friend is going to quilt it.

Another I Spy quilt!

And some knitting....
a hat and scarf to keep some little one warm. 

There is a story about this yarn...
I will leave that for another day. 

Back to work today. 

Wish I was happier about that!  

I sure love being at home!


Karen said...

The colors in the Afghan are awesome...I just love's going to be so bright and cherry when you assemble it.
And the cute.

Laurie said...

Wow Cathy, my hands would have froze up working on all of them! They're so pretty. Looking forward to your yarn story! Have a good work day!
Oh! I found another sewing project for the jean pockets I can't wait to get started on!! Will show it when it's done!

moosecraft said...

I enjoyed those 2 back to back 4-day weekends too! Home with stitches and plenty of snacks! Your afghan is looking great! The colors in the hat and scarf are really funky (in a good way)... looking forward to the story behind that.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Cathy-The afghan looks like it's coming along. I can't wait to see it all together. Love the colors.
The quilt turned out beautiful! That's a lot of work! I wish I had your talent! Have a wonderful day!

jennifer768 said...

Evening Cathy,love the afghan!The colors are so bright and cheerful,can't wait to see it finished.Pretty quilt,such lovely yarn for the hat and scarf.Happy New Year!Hugs,Jen

annie said...

that's so pretty it looks like springtime! really like the quilt, and I want to hear the yarn story! I love a good yarn!