Career Counseling

See this hat? 
You wouldn't think that something as simple as a hat
would warrant me to take a serious look
at my
choice of careers.

Not that it is the first time,
or will even be the last.

Those who know me well have heard
in exasperation
many time
my desire to
work as a
Walmart Greeter.

"Hi, welcome to Walmart,
cart or basket today?
Hi you cute little thing,
would you like a sticker?
Oh you have a problem?
See someone at the service desk"

It's that last line that I like the best. 

So here is how it went
in as brief of phrases as I can manage.
Starting in let's say October
Order white hats,
hats are backordered,
hats finally arrive,
pay for the hats...COD
stitch hats,
ship hats to customer,
a couple of days later,
white hats arrive again,
pay for the hats
COD again
before I realize it was a double shipment,
call the company to get a credit.
hat shown above,
get shipment of hats,
pay for hats,
open hats,
wrong hats.
Call company,
remind that I still need a number to send the white hats back
and now
I need a number to send the 48 hats back that are wrong.
Reorder the right hats.
It might be November now.
The right hats finally arrive.
Paid for them COD.
So now I have six dozen hats that are wrong.
Paid for
and still waiting on a number to send them back
It is now December.
Order another six dozen hats.
Get the hats,
pay for the hats
Hooray, only two dozen of them are wrong.
Call again for the number to send back the six dozen hats
just decide to keep the wrong two dozen,
because really,
it will be March until we get the number.
December 20th,
Finally get the number.
Tell customers that they are not going to have their hats for Christmas,
ship back the wrong hats,
and last Friday,
I once again ordered the hats.
Here is the catch,
I want credit for the six dozen that I shipped back
they send out the five dozen that I ordered on Friday.

Apparently that concept has totally escaped
the employees of the hat company.

You might say, find a new hat company?
We have lots of hat companies,
we order tons of hats and shirts
most without issue.
But we have a few customers that like this hat
only this
this hat....
they are making me rethink
career choice.

Is there a no hassle job out there?

why when the first girl said she would call back within an hour at noon
the second girl promised that she would call back this afternoon
am I sitting here at 4:30 PM waiting on a phone call? 

Thanks for allowing the rant.
I have been nice so far.
It's really hard.
My jaws are starting to hurt from clenching my teeth.

Is there a job that allows you to
hang with the grandkids
knit and crochet and sew and paint all day
and still pays the bills?

I want that!


Victoria said…
lol! {although i kinda got lost in your hats!}.... Yeah, I am thankful that "my job" allows me just that! Almost exactly that! I've been hanging with all 5 of my grandkids for the past few days {some are here visiting me from 700miles away right now, and 2 live in our house with their parents}, ...and I love to paint, sew, crochet, and am novice at knitting... but enjoy trying!
BUT <---> the catch: my "job" is caregiver to my husband, who had a stroke a few years ago. His S.S. Disability check is all we get to pay the bills... and it's never enough, but it is allowing me some time to do the things you mentioned!
{--saw your post thru facebook... been a fan of yours for a while!}
BumbleBeeLane said…
Exactly what is wrong with the world today.The customer is not put first and no one really cares,then they wonder why so many businesses are failing.Hmmm.Good luck..Warm Blessings!~Amy
jennifer768 said…
Oh my you are a more patient lady than I am .I probably would have stopped being nice sometime back,oh say around the third time.Hope that you are able to get the problem lined out soon.Hugs,Jen
Laurie said…
Good grief Cathy! If you hear of a career that allows your requirements let me know ok? Need that one myself!