Saturday, January 5, 2013

Old Men

Ok, it is the yarn story,
that you are waiting breathlessly on.

Let's start with
Old Men.

They are drawn to me.
Have been all my life.
I would think that I hold
the world's record
listening to old men's stories.

Location has no bearing on these stories.
It's not as if I hang out in
retirement homes.
It can be
at a mall,
a convenience store,
you name it.

I am not proud,
but sometimes I just don't make eye contact.
JWS warns me
not to make eye contact.

There are times that I am in a hurry...
and I feel bad cutting off a story,
so I avoid having to start one.

Most of the time,
I listen.
I have heard stories from most of the wars
lots of widower stories.

Health issues,
old cars,
lots of information.

The yarn is the same.

There is a nice man at dialysis.
I like to talk to him.
He makes things,
I like to hear

I always have yarn in my hands
while I am waiting

This nice man told me that he has yarn
that was his moms.

He brought it to me. 

I bought it from him.

Not that I didn't have enough
and much of it free.
It had a value to him.

So I paid him.
More than I should have for the yarn.....

Look at the cute little suitcase that I it came in !

We bartered on the price.
My price was too low for him.
He wanted more.
I agreed to it and then added a little more
if he would throw in the suitcase.
He agreed,
then told me afterward
that he was going to give me the suitcase anyway.


But the real kicker..
in all the years that
"old men"
have been telling me stories.
First they were old enough to be
my grandfather,
then my dad,
but now
when I listen to the stories
of what I think
is an old man....
I realize
as with the case with the yarn man....
they are not that much older than me!

Scary thoughts.

And the continuing afghan progress.

I laid it all out and realized that I it was a little dull.
One more border on each hexagon
of white and they are
popping right out!


Laurie said...

So the old man, who got the yarn free from his mom, bartered to sell it for more than its worth, and still took money for the suitcase he was going to give you anyway! What a deal! I would have done the same thing though Cathy! I agree the white border really does bring out the colors and adds the right pop to your quilt.

moosecraft said...

Cute! :-)

Teresa said...

As I sit here trying to get caught up on blogs I knew yours would give a smile. My kids say I will talk to anyone, anywhere. Can't wait to see what you do with that suitcase.
Let me know where I can get a pair of those hubcap ear rings. My lifetime Weight Watcher card expired years ago.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
PS. I thought about you as the news keeps showing them decorate the Rose Floats knowing you said once you would love to do that. Maybe next year I will go and do that in your honor.