Striving for Normal

Striving for OUR Normal.
Whatever that might be.
The last few months have not been normal.
Well, actually the last few years have not been normal,
we came to think of them as "our" normal.
January was wild,
out of control,
not normal at all.
JWS made the comment,
"What if this is the NEW normal?"
It can't be!!!
I need some calm in my life. 
Our son-in-law, Travis
gave us prophetic words that we re quote often,
we just embellish them a little.
He had just purchased his first house
I thought that the garage was  
incredibly spotless and pristine.
I remember saying to him,
"Well at least you shouldn't have to clean the garage."
He said,
"Well, every body's clean is different."
To paraphrase that to our life,
"Well every body's normal is different."
in an effort to make things back to our normal,
I set my alarm for five
and planned on walking.
Extremely high winds prevented that this morning.
I took JWS his coffee in bed at 6:30.
All things that have not happened here in several months.

And so this morning,
I basecoated.
I haven't even picked up a paintbrush
for the entire month of January.
Time to get back to normal.
So all that being said,
I am going to tell you about yesterday.
I had Kendall.
I love that little girl,
she is so good,
she listens,
she behaves,
she sleeps good,
she is three
I am 54
and while she doesn't tire me out
as much as some of the other grandchildren,
I am talking
constant chatter
not just
"nod your head and say uh huh"
that require an answer "
Anyway, I get the call to take her home.
I leave her at work,
because Logan is just arriving on the bus
and I know that they will want to talk.
I drive my car home
to gather her belongings.
The car that has been smelling hot
and making funny noises
for the last three
non-normal months.
The car that I have mentioned to JWS
might have an issue.
The noise and smell
that JWS
 (and a lot of other people)
just roll their eyes
and attribute to my driving skills.
I get back to the shop and once again
complain that now the noise
is getting worse.
apparently in some
light bulb,
"Have you checked the oil?"
Why in the world do you even have a husband
if not to
check the oil,
change the furnace filters,
start the weed eater,
drain the water hose for winter,
you get the picture?
Of course I have not checked the oil.
A panicked look at the oil change sticker
tells me that
I am more than slightly overdue
for an oil change.
Well, actually I should have had two oil
changes in that time
and heading rapidly for the third one.
How do you keep track of all this stuff?
I take my car to the service station,
since John has an appointment
and needs his truck,
I borrow my friend's vehicle.
car seat,
various art projects,
winter coat,
all the "stuff"
that everyone gave Kendall
into that vehicle and
head to
Shelby's house.
Kendall is delivered,
I get a little hold time on that
adorable little boy,
head home.
As I am heading home,
I am trying to figure out which side the gas cap is on
on the vehicle.
I might have been a little distracted as I pulled into the
gas station
I drove through
huge pile of wet, messy horse poop
spreading it
with every roll of the tire
in front of the gas pumps.
I get out,
get chastised
by the station attendant
who is holding the shovel
asking if I didn't see him or the horse poop,
which of course I didn't,
realize that I am on the wrong side of the pumps,
pull forward,
out into the street,
in front of another vehicle,
back up into the correct side of the pumps,
further spreading the
above mentioned
horse poop.
All I can say is this,
if the
service station attendant
would keep track of my oil changes,
none of this would have happened.
One more day of January....
I am shooting for


Sheila said…
I'll say a little prayer for you Cathy, that when you wake up tomorrow your normal will begin!
Wishing you a great day!
Teresa said…
I don't think any one would want my normal. Sounds like you have had your hands full of normal.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Ohhh, your normal sounds all too familiar! I am praying that February will be the month for both of us!
Ann said…
I just found your blog through Pinterest. I've enjoyed browsing around. I also couldn't help laughing a bit at your stop at the gas station. Sounds like something I would do.
Susannah said…
What a mess! A nice glass of wine would suit you just fine. Just one! Saying prayers that the rest of the year is a bit more under control!