Saturday, January 19, 2013


The last few days could be described
Wandering to work,
wandering around the house,
wandering through things that need done.
Just wandering.
I find that I can't get interested in anything
long term.
This is the only thing that held my interest
through the last
three weeks...
and it is done.

Have you ever not wanted to finish a project?
I sure didn't want to finish this.
I liked working on it.  
Have to find something else now to keep my interest.
I even tried organizing my knitting needles
crochet hooks.

That took all of a half hour.
I have started a bunch of other projects. 
Maybe I will finish one of those. 
And now,
for the funny story,
Because you knew that there would be at least one.
My MIL would have laughed and laughed.
How I wish that I could tell her...
to watch her laugh.
We had visitation at our church,
that is the way she wanted it.
She had friends,
some a little strange,
but at her age,
many of her "fun" and "normal" friends had passed on before her.
She had this one friend.
A sort of "Lost in Space"
She also had an old dear friend that she had known since
they were little girls
living on the same street
both being raised by single mothers
in a time when that
was not as
or easy as it is today. 
They had a bond.
While they didn't get to see one another that often,
they would talk and laugh on the phone.
These two friends did not know one another.
At the viewing,
Lost in Space friend was coming through the line
spacey as ever.
The old friend was at my daughter
and the spacey friend was at me
in the line,
when the old friend
placed her cane
squarely on
spacey friend's foot and pinned her
Spacey friend is pulling and pulling
on her foot trying to free herself
old friend is
totally oblivious
to the situation
yakking away to Dianna.
Dianna and I, of course are aware
see the hilarity of the entire situation
and can't help
breaking into the giggles. 
Marilyn would have howled!


Holly said...

I have been the same way! I have a lot of "stuff" for new projects but just can't seem to get motivated. Same way in my house. I've had such a hard time getting things back to normal after the holidays! Love the story. How funny! Hope you have a good weekend!

SweetPepperRose said...

This is so pretty! and yes, I have plenty of projects that I do not want to finish but need to, badly, if nothing more than to say 'there, I did it!' LOL

Teresa said...

You know it is a great project when it is a bit sad when you finish it. A little part of you misses it so.
Glad you have one final fun memory to keep from MIL's service.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Angela said...

Love the afghan. Those colors are so pretty together. I know you miss your MIL. Girl you are such a blessing. Every blogpost you make me smile!! Have a great day.

annie said...

love the afghan,
hugs on letting go!