Monday, January 21, 2013

Who would have thought?

That this would have helped leg cramps.

That's right, folks,
you never know what you are going to get here. 
I got one of those cramps between my toes
that would just not quit.
Over an hour,
I walked,
trying to get rid of that cramp.
my mother said
that her friend's husband eats a teaspoon of mustard.
But then, it couldn't hurt any more, right?
So I did.
Within less than two minutes,
that cramp was gone.
Read the link above or google it yourself. 
I am going to find those little packets of mustard
keep them
in my purse,
in my car,
on my nightstand.  
Way more essential than
And now on to the funny stories.
Because there are always funny stories.
Tyler now sits in church for part of the service.
He is more than a little active.
Way more.
He is loud
it takes a lot of energy on our part to keep him calm.
He decided to clean out my Bible.
It is full.
I might add that this was our first service back to church
looking at my MIL's empty seat and knowing
she would not be filling it again.
Leave it to Tyler to distract from that
thank goodness!
he finds a picture of JWS and I
from a mission trip in 2005.
He said,
"Gramma, that is not a good picture of you."
I said
Do I look old?
Do I look fat?"
His reply?
And then...
He leaves for
Junior Church.
we sigh with relief,
glad that he is gone
we can actually
continue to worship.
Now we have a huge sanctuary,
with a really long aisle.
At one point,
The door up front
to the right of the pastor,
bursts open.
From our vantage point
in the back
we can see nothing
other than heads turning and laughter starting.
Tyler runs the whole way down the side aisle
holding himself,
nodding to people as he goes,
"I gotta go"
"I gotta go"
"I gotta go"
heading to the bathroom at the back of the sanctuary.
Shawnee and I burst into giggles,
not even as much at the event
as the
horrified look on
Jennifer's face! 
JWS is shaking his head.
I lean over and tell him,
"Perhaps a tour of the
church bathroom facilities
with your grandson
is in order
after the service today."
And then Gracelyn,
begs to come home with me from church.
And she does.
She has a little purple plastic ring on
which she informs me
fell into the toilet
Children's Church.
She had to
"reach into that toilet and dig it out
and get pee
all over my hand
but she washed her hand
her teacher
washed the ring."
if you are reading this....
Thank YOU!


Sheila said...

I think Art Linkletter would be proud!
Always something :-)

Kim said...

Cute story. I have never heard the mustard trick before. If you get the cramps in bed, another trick is to unwrap a bar of Ivory soap and leave it under the bed sheet at the foot of your bed. It works.

Angela said...

Thanks for stating my blagh Monday with smiles and a chuckle. You should write a book!!

Holly said...

You put a smile on my face this morning. What sweet little ones and what funny stories you can tell them when they are grown. We have a lady in our church who swears by mustard for cramps! Hope you have a great day!

Teresa said...

What a day in church you had. I am sure God really smiled upon all of you. I think he likes a good laugh also.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Glad to hear the mustard worked!
Always up for a funny story ~ yours are the best!
Prim Blessings