Wrist Sweaters

Shawnee has been suggesting these for awhile.
The other day when I told her that I couldn't get into anything,
she suggested these again.
then the
text suggestions
started coming.
Lots of suggestions.
I took some ideas
went on my own.
Other than a YouTube video on broomstick lace.
Well, probably five or six videos
until I found one
that I understood. 

But once I got started....
I just kept going

and going
and going

and even knitted one after I found several of these buckles
in my button stash.
Blurry pics....not sure why...
So football is essentially over at my house,
we aren't hockey fans...
so you would think that we would watch something interesting.
Storage Wars,
Call of the Wild
Duck Dynasty
Two of those I don't mind,
one I leave the room.
This week we had
Every night.
Really expensive cars...
over and over and over.
So glad that is over now also!
Can't wait to work in the yard and mow!
TV just isn't doing it for me!


moosecraft said…
These wrist sweaters are so neat-o! I'm not s tv watcher either... though I did enjoy Duck Dynasty! And yes... I can't wait to get out in the yard and play too!
Sheila said…
I like Shawnee's idea.......small little project to keep you doing something ;-), really like the buckle one, it's different than any I've seen.
I get disgusted with TV these days; some of the shows are so far out there it becomes very annoying!
I'm ready for warm weather too. Lots of projects to tackle once we can open windows...........
Have a great Sunday~
jennifer768 said…
Love the wrist sweaters,such a neat idea.I hear you on the tv,some things would be so much better left off the air.Hugs,Jen