Free Crochet Bracelet Tutorial - Fast!

These are very fast to make.
The sample one took less than
1/2 hour to finish,
that included,
taking the pictures,
writing down directions,
checking Facebook, 
recharging my camera battery,
getting another cup of coffee,
adding wood to the fire.
(sensing a little ADD here?)
(I would take a pill,
but really,
wouldn't that stifle
back to the directions...
You will need:
scraps of worsted weight yarn
Size F crochet hook
vintage button or earring
small pin
Think creative folks!
less than 1/2 hour.
Chain 8
leaving about a five inch tail.

Turn and single crochet in second chain from hook.

Skip two chains and work
5 double crochets in the next chain.
Skip 2 more chains
and work a single crochet in the last chain.

Chain 3
Work two more double crochets in the same stitch
Skip two stitches
Single crochet in the next stitch
Skip 2 stitches
Work three double crochets in the last stitch
Chain 1
Repeat the first and second row

until it is long enough to fit around your wrist

then repeat the first row
one more time
then single crochet in every stitch
back and forth
for about
three rows. 
This can vary according to the length that you need.
You should have about a 1 inch overlap
around your wrist.

Fasten off and leave a tail.
Turn inside out and "sew"
both ends to the center in the back.
Cut and weave in ends.

Turn back to right side
Fasten button or earring
on the overlap.
I used an old clip earring here.
It just fastened on
no sewing.
If I used buttons,
I just sewed them on with needle and thread.

The possibilities are endless for these.
You can use thinner yarn and a smaller hook,
I used chunky yarn for one.
I even made one with sport yarn
and made three shells in a row.
Get creative!
Now for the disclaimer.
Please don't post these directions as your own.
Share them anywhere you would like,
but just link back here,
'cause you know,
I love to see where people come from
what they make!


Ann said…
well that does sound quick and so cute too. Thanks for the tutorial. This is a good weekend to sit inside and do some crocheting too