Jennifer's Math, My Typing

Or otherwise known as
Things We Didn't Learn in High School
We will start with
Jennifer's Math,
just because this was so darn funny.
Our daughter, Jennifer lives next door.
She is pretty much our "go to" person.
She shoulders a lot of responsibility
for things for us.
Oldest child,
calm in the face of chaos (normally)
she was a huge help
through her grandmother's illness.
She checks the house
when we are gone,
she oversees the shop for us,
you get the picture...right?
That all being said,
her math skills?
Not so good.
So picture this.
JWS and I are settled into our recliners.
Normal is once again
somewhat happening at our house.
(It's only been about three days though
so I am not getting my hopes up)
Jenn comes through the door.
Something is wrong.
She has watched Dr. Oz and she is
She wants to call the doctor.
Not Dr. Oz, mind you, her doctor.
She thinks that she is a prime candidate for
heart attack.

She has all the symptoms.
Just as a side note here, I am laughing
my mother-in-law's hypochondria
lives on through Jennifer,
in the past week she has had
kidney stones,
her on-going hepatitis.
But, back to the heart attack.
We calmly ask her the symptoms,
as she lists them off,
she comes to her
resting heart rate.
She is certain it is 130.
We tell her it can't be 130.
She is,
certain it is 130.
We say, no way.
She says,
"I checked it quite a few times,
I kept my pulse for
10 seconds,
it was 13,
and then I multiplied by ten!"
Through my laughter,
I explain to her that there are only
SIX intervals of 10 in a minute,
It takes JWS just a little longer to pick up
on that....
maybe it's genetic.
Heart attack averted.
My typing skills.
They pretty much are way worse
than Jenn's math skills.
I was forced to take
Personal Typing
high school.
It was my only D's
I ever got.
One semester of solid D's and F's
that I think averaged out
to a D minus.
I have good hand/eye
I can crochet and not watch the hook.
(could even in high school, thanks to Memaw's patient training)
even play the piano
at that time.
Something about typewriters and keyboards
just has always
evaded me.
I had an ex-nun
as a typing teacher.
She would even slap my hands.
She finally gave up,
I think she passed me just so she
would not get me again.
The feeling was mutual.
I have played typing games
and have
progressed a little,
but typing is still hard.
Not as bad as when you had to put
those little pieces of
white out paper
and re-type over them.
C'mon, if you are old enough
you remember it!
Thanks goodness for
spell check.
The reason this is fresh in my mind?
I am trying to make pattern packets
of some of my
painting projects.
Everything is done,
except for the typing...
Finished this scarf,
I am getting more of this yarn.
It is so soft and easy to work with.
The hangers at the top?
Great stash busters
I did all of them in
about an hour and a half.
I love them for my tops and sweaters.
They stay on and don't get those ugly
hanger marks.

Well back to the


Sheila said…
Sounds like life is back to a regular routine.....isn't it? Love Jen's story, glad she isn't having a heart attack though!
As for the typing......geesh, hate to admit I do remember having the paper over the keys. Enough said!
Love the hangers.
Have a great day.
Amber said…
Haha! That's funny about Jennifer! I don't know if you know this, but she's married to my husband's cousin. Did you know that? I couldn't remember if we ever discussed that before. Anyway, very funny. I'm glad that the heart attack was averted! And I really like the hangers. I've had a pattern for those that I've been meaning to try because I really do detest hanger marks on my clothing.
Teresa said…
Oh how I have a new little one in the house with the same math skills. Not sure she will ever out grow it either.
I loved typing in school. Just couldn't get the paper to match up if I had a mistake and found it after I removed the paper. It was easier just to type the whole paper over.
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