New Projects, Old Projects, Retiring Projects

What a Saturday! 
Finally, I picked up the paintbrushes and got productive.
I have had three of these wine barrel lids in my
basement for quite awhile now.
It was time to get at least one of them finished.

And some folk art painting,
Helen Cavin inspired.
That book is dated
only about six  years
after I started painting.
It was time to use the book for something!

Another new project is this scarf.
This is fun yarn to work with.
Mom wanted some scarves for gifts
for Christmas next year.
She bought yarn,
how about that for getting a jump on things?

Under the category of
Old Projects
is this baby afghan.
I need to get it done.
Always good to have them finished
the baby is born.
Retiring Projects.
I am putting these away for now. 
These nine were all made today. 
That's over 25 of them
for now,
that is it

They are fun,
they are addictive,
but really,
it's time to move on.


moosecraft said…
Gorgeous painting! I could never get the shading right on that stuff... Fun yarn! I bet those scarves are so soft and warm!
Teresa said…
YOu always seem to have so many project going at once and they all look wonderful.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Ann said…
All your projects look great. Love that pomp-a-doodle yarn. I'll have to give that stuff a try.
The wine barrel lids are beautiful. I've always wished I could paint but I'm just no good at it
Laurie said…
Good grief Cathy, how do you keep from burning out! Having fun with the jean pockets etc., will have a pic soon!