Monday, February 25, 2013

Old School, New School

My new friend
posted a pic of a little girl with one of these phones,
the one on the left, that is.
It inspired me to take this pic.
I found this phone at a yard sale a few years ago.
I think that I paid less than a dollar for it.
They are really fun all painted up,
But before it went into the stash,
I set it on my painting counter and plugged it in.
To my surprise, it worked!
And even better,
because of it's weight,
it didn't fall off the counter when I propped it on my shoulder
to talk.
The headphone seemed to fit between
my shoulder and ear better also,
and there were no annoying
"chin pushing the buttons"
So that is where it stayed.
And I used it,
only to answer
for over a year.
Then the thought...
wonder if you can "dial" it?
And you can!
Funny thing, it will only take seven numbers,
but in our little community,
that still works.
The rest of the technology,
my IPhone,
sitting right beside it...
you know,
to keep track of the rest of the world.

Resting and de-stressing was on the plan for the weekend.
This scarf was finished,
worked at the shop for awhile on Saturday,
re-arranged the family room,
dinner with friends on Saturday night.
A calm weekend.
Here's to hoping my week and yours is the same.


acorn hollow said...

I remember trying to talk on one of those as a teenager. teens now do not know how hard it was to have a phone conversation with out your parents hearing the whole thing.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Cathy, sending Prayers to you and your Mom.
Love the painting you have done.
Such Beautiful work.
Take Care.

Karen said...

What a fun post...I love this style of phone...well, the hand set that does rest easy on your ear and like you said if you hold it with your shoulder and head so your hands are free it fits beautifully.
When we looked for extra phones for our other rooms I specifically looked for this type of hand set...not the large flat ones. And walla we found them...not easy to find them but we did.
What pretty scarves.

Susannah said...

Your scarf is gorgeous. I need to be more particular when we buy our next phones. The ones we have now keep shutting off when the buttons hit my cheek. Have a wonderful week.


Sheila said...

Great story.
I'm glad to hear you had some relax time my friend. Keeping your mom in my prayers.
Hope your week is a good one.
Bless you,