The Paintbrushes are Flying

A new board for over Kamden's bed.
Would not want him to have an identity crisis,
because it is still Kendall's name up there
on the wall.
And one for an order.
In my paint room, there is so much stuff laying around.
I see something in the stash in the basement,
I drag it to the paint room,
on the second floor
sometimes it sits
 doesn't get painted
the hoard begins to move
to a place we see everyday.

Trying so hard to get it cleaned up.

I am trying to finish a few things,
drag a few more back down
that I don't feel like painting yet,
and only bringing them up
one at a time.
Wouldn't it just be easier to


Tam said…
Amazing job, wish i could paint like that
Amy said…
I don't think my studio is ever clean! I just get things organized,start a new project and it's a mess again. But I do try !
moosecraft said…
Sure... it would be easier to clean it... but that would be time away from painting! lol! I've decided to use up what I have... that way I will have less to keep organized.

Absolutely LOVE the drawer painted with pennies and stars!
Awww you will have it just the way you want it some day....soon....maybe. LOL

jennifer768 said…
Love the pieces you shared...the long box is my favorite.Yep cleaning might be easier but it is more fun to hoard a pile.Hope things are going better.Hugs,Jen