Time Well Spent

Logan's Valentine Box
With another loss so fresh in my mind
I am once again reminded
of how short our time is here on Earth.
It causes me to take a serious look
at how I spend my time.
We all have the same amount
within a day,
a week
a month
or a year.
We are not all granted the same amount in a life.
Too often I forget the words of a long
ago sermon
"I don't have the time."
It pointed out that you do have the time.
Saying that you don't
only means that what you are refusing to do
doesn't take priority over
something else you are already doing.
Not that
"not having the time"
is always a bad thing to say.
We have family to take care of first,
we have to take care of ourselves
and of course,
most of us have to work.
Take a look at your time today.
Spend some time with God,
Spend some time with yourself,
Spend some time with family,
call an old friend that you haven't talked to
for awhile.
Take a moment to see the beauty around you.
Enjoy the smile of a child,
an elderly person,
your spouse.
Smile back
or better yet,
smile first!
Time well spent,
you will be glad that you did.


well said, Cathy, A good reminder for everyone. Hugs! Becky
Sheila said…
Wise words and a great reminder to each of us who says "we don't have time." Make the time or you may regret not doing so.............
Thank you Cathy. Wishing you a wonderful Monday.
Karen said…
What a thought provoking post...it is so true and thank you so much for sharing.
moosecraft said…
Amen! I know a lot of folks who have their priorities all wrong... and folks that choose to be miserable instead taking the initiative to make the world a better place.
Laurie said…
What a beautiful post Cathy, reminders we all need. I'm going to take your advice, thank-you. And God Bless You as you go through this hard time.
Ann said…
Excellent food for thought today.