Another addiction,
I did not need.
Although it is not junking up my house
doesn't need dusted,
like many of my other vices,
this one has really become a time sucker
for me.
I am
Surprised at how much is already done for me,
how willing people are to share,
I even connected with a distant cousin
managed to fill in a lot of blanks there!
I have to get away from this computer!
But wait,
there is another of those little leaves
another hint....
Honestly, folks,
it is worse than Pinterest!
Be warned!


Kathy said…
Lol but it's so interesting.. definitely a time sucker though...
Have fun!!
Danice said…
Ha ha! Yes, ancestry can be time consuming. My sister went to and nearly got addicted, lol!
Karen said…
Good morning,
Well dear friend I have been there. Shortly after I retired I did a family genealogy book on my mothers parents side. Spent 3 years with and finally produced a 216 back to back page book on the two families. The best 3 years of my retirement. Enjoy your research...and don't leave any stone Unturned because you just.never know how that one clue will connect...I found that out fortunately the easyway and came across much information.

justducky65 said…
Yes, it definitely is addictive and you lose track of time while searching. It is usually my winter time thing to do since we are stuck inside for a longer length of time. I don't have a paid subscription at the moment, but the year I did, I scored on so many documents that I was able to download. Someday, I will make a family tree scrapbook - someday.
Amy said…
I agree! I did my Dad's family a few years back.The site was not what it is today but I finally put it altogether.Good Luck!
Susannah said…
I love!!! I was a member or whatever for about 5 years. I loved every single minute of it but it sure does take alot of your time! But when you find an ancestor are so darn excited! Hope to join again soon. Have lots of fun. It is rewarding.

Robbie said…
Yes, it is addicting but so much fun!!! I put together a book for my sister (made duplicate for myself) as a 60th BD gift 8 years ago. Still have maternal side to do but found out so many neat 'secrets' on our family. A good addiction for winter!'s spring now!!
Hmmmm don't know if anything could be worse than Pinterest.