Breakfast Foods

This is my idea of breakfast food.
Take that yogurt,
scoop it into a bowl,
add some Grape Nuts
stir it all up.
Go change a load of laundry,
check your email,
some other random activity.
You have to let the Grape Nuts get soft
lest you break a tooth on them
Grab the apple on your way out the door,
food for the commute.
Sometimes this can be
changed up.
A whole wheat wrap,
heated on the burner,
add some
peanut butter
wrap it all up.
Sounds healthy, right?
JWS brought this home...

with the comment,
"You know that they put jelly and stuff in that yogurt
you are eating, right?"
That is why it tastes good!
You know that you could be adding your own
fruit to that yogurt and it would
be a lot healthier.
I know that,
but I am not going to do that.
So there it sits.
Tyler wanted pancakes last night
we had no milk.
That made awesome pancakes!
JWS boiled potatoes,
no milk,
that made some really fine
mashed potatoes.
But for breakfast?
I think not.
So you think,
all this healthy stuff,
I wish my significant other would be so healthy..
look at this.

Liverwurst and Puddin.
That is what he brought home from
an afternoon at the butcher shop.
I am sticking with the top picture.
Jelly and junk and all.
Finally managed to paint this mailbox.
I am embarrassed to tell you how long it has sat there.
Why do I procrastinate so much?


Sheila said…
Top picture would be my choice too!
Ann said…
I don't often eat breakfast because I'm not willing to get up early enough to eat it.
That mail box is pretty
Danice said…
Ha ha! Only sometimes do I eat healthy. 'Love the unhealthy foods a lot.
It's the attitude that drives me nuts when they come home with the 'healthy' stuff, alright already, I get it! The unhealthy just tastes so much better :O) The mail box looks amazing, no matter how long it took you and why do we procrastinate? Because we can!
Lois said…
I always have oatmeal or cream of wheat during the week and fruit, toast & tea on weekends. It works for me. I was told once, that people who are true artists, regardless of whatever craft, format or medium they use, tend to put projects off or to the side, because they as artists work on things when the mood strikes. They also are constantly thinking of new projects or ideas and tend to have multi jobs going at one time, and therefore may get deadlines mixed up or even forgotten. Never think of it as being a procrastinator, think of it as being a true artist!