Hope Springs

It has been a long, rough winter for us.
The weather has not been terrible,
not as bad as it could have been,
but life just seems to have knocked us
down a few times.
I kept thinking,
"Spring will be better,
the time change,
warmer weather,
it has to get easier...."
Yesterday, I saw this flower.
It is hard to believe what that tiny yellow flower

I went on a search.

Under all the winter junk.
Primulas sprouting.

Even this invasive ground cover
was a welcome sight.
Yet, I still think.
I love to work in my yard,
with that brings the
memory of Marilyn,
walking out on the porch
with a cold bottle of water for me,
telling me to rest,
admiring the flowers.
I would sit on the edge of her porch
drink the water
I would cut whatever fresh flowers were growing
bring her a bouquet.
Fresh lavendar,
lilies of the valley,
How I still miss her,
but with the coming of spring
I realize that she is in a place where the colors are constant,
it is beautiful all the time
she is enjoying it.


Beautiful Cathy! I miss her so much too:(
Hello Cathy!
I too, miss my Mom. It's hard to believe sometimes that both my parents are gone.
I love to work out in my flower beds. I get my green thumb from my Dad.
Oh how I miss him tending to his flower beds. Yes, my Dad was the keeper of flower beds and the garden. A perfectionist I might add.
He would come to my house and give me tips on how to care for my gardens.
This year has been a tough one so far in my family. We had 3 deaths in one month.
I'm hoping Spring will come soon, so I can get outside and out of this gloomy rut I have been in.
My thoughts and Prayers are with you at this time.
You have wonderful memories of your Mother in law.
Take Care.
Hugs Cathy, there is always Hope.

Continue to pick a bouquet of flowers ~ there is hope.
Prim Blessings
Amy said…
Some times in life hope is all we have and Spring always seems like a new beginning.
As we age I guess we have to expect the loss of friends and family but that never makes it any easier.
I'm hoping it's a good Spring for you.
Lois said…
Hey Cathy. I haven't been blogging much for the last year so I am not up to date on my favorite blogs. I was so sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my sympathies. I trust that your faith and memories will help you all through this difficult time.

Susannah said…
God bless you, Sweetie. I know what it is like to lose loved ones. Unbelieveable at times. God be with you. I'm sure she would want you to carry on. Cut the flowers for beautiful bouquets in her memory. You will really enjoy it.