How fast can you crochet?

Pretty fast if you only have a week.
Last Saturday,
I got the hare-brained idea that I could make afghan
for the shower that I went to

And as fast as my hands could move,
I worked all week.
All the colors that were in the room that I painted,
I wanted it to match.

And Friday night...
it was done! 
All that, with some time leftover!


Amber said…
Oh, I've done that many times before!
Smokin fingers. Great job!!!!!!!

Laurie said…
Good grief Cathy! I could never crochet that fast, my hands would freeze up! I love the colors, it turned out so pretty.
Ann said…
It takes me forever to crochet a blanket. The last one I did took me almost 2 months to finish. I can never sit still long enough to get much done.
Amy said…
Wow ! That's pretty fast and lovely too!
annie said…
it's beautiful, speedy hook, I crochet, but much slower than that!
Karen said…
Beautiful...the colors just pop.
Is there any doubt when we need to get something done in a short time that we can do it...nope...I think we all work better under pressure and a deadline. I know I do.
Lois said…
What a beautiful blanket. And in only a week! I am so impressed.