Kids, Kids, KIDS!

Honestly, how cute is this?

Garren is just too eager to calm his new little cousin!


The BEST kind of friends...

found us at the
Carnegie Science Center.
It was a long, twisting,
process that started
a month ago.
I would take the boys to the
Children's Museum
if they got their rewards daily at school.
And they did.
My life got in the way and
somewhere along the line,
they thought one of their other grandmothers
"needed" to see the
Children's Museum.
Twists, turns and the flu bug
prevented that from happening
JWS, their mother and I
took them to the
science center and SportsWorks.
How fun is that, you ask?
Very fun, but very tiring!
Let's just say that everyone was in bed here
by 9:30 last night.
What a day!

See this blur?
That is what most of the pics looked like.
the one of Grandma (me)
climbing the rock wall
not so blurry
and the rolls that the harness made
on my posterior side
are all too
So we won't see that pic,
but I did it anyway,
climbed clear to the top.
That was the first time I had ever tried that
I am thinking we could install one of those
on the side of the garage,
it was really fun
would have to be really good exercise!
Speaking of exercise....
let's just let that go until tomorrow.
I received two gifts this week,
one very thoughtful and nice
totally unexpected,
but so very much appreciated!
Thank you, Kim!
The other?
showed up on my porch yesterday.
To see it,
go to


Ann said…
That first picture is adorable. What a little cutie.
Sounds like you had a great time with the kids.
luv2teek said…
Too cute Cathy! What a little sweetheart---love the hat!

Catherine said…
You've made some great memories!!
Laurie said…
The kids are so adorable Cathy! It sounds like a great time with them, I myself would love to see you on the rock wall, I wouldn't judge, I promise!!
Sheila said…
Beautiful pictures of the kids! Glad you all had a fun time together........memories made that will always be with them.
Bless you,
Looks like fun was had by all. Your Grandchildren sure are getting big!
Have a wonderful Sunday, Cathy!
jennifer768 said…
What sweet little faces.Sounds like a fun filled day.Hugs,Jen