Owls and a Rare Cooking Success

Not entirely my own idea,
these were adapted from this website.
I changed a few things to make them a little different.
These were the first,
I have some different thoughts for the next batch.

Put wings on some,
feather scallops on the belly,
add some burlap...
the possibilities.


And another success.
Those of you who follow this craziness
will know the condition of the Easter Eggs
unsuccessful Bunny Rolls.
Those of you who don't
follow on Facebook,
I will just leave all that to your imagination.
I CAN cook,
just don't really
to cook. 
My cooking "process"
seems to provide people with entertainment.
So much that some people think that I need
my own cooking show.
I might be a little clumsy in the kitchen...
Artistic Cooking
totally escapes me.
A beautiful cake,
artfully presented meals,
uniform sized cookies...
not within my capabilities.
I still try
every now and then...
I thought this bunny was cute.
My family however had these comments.
"Is that a hippopotamus?"
"Oh, look at that! A turtle!"
and while one of them
actually realized it was a bunny,
this comment.
"Does that rabbit have boobs?"
Oh, they are so not encouraging!
And finally,
Remember these rugs?
I had this small box of macrame cord,
that belonged to my aunt.
I thought that I might get one rug out of it.
Well, this was like the
loaves and the fishes,
I think it was multiplying
as I went.

Three rugs!
Who would have thought?


Karen said…
Always fun to come here and see what's up.
Your vegie tray looks great...don't care what your family said, it's still darned cute. I congratulate you!
Great success on those rugs.
Happy Easter,
Holly said…
The owls are so cute! The bunny turned out perfect! I don't think I could have done that good. :) I love it. Great job on the rugs too!
Happy Easter.
Amy said…
Love the owls and think the bunny is terrific !
Hoppy Easter with hugs
Ann said…
I really like the owls and I think your bunny turned out great.
Bunny??? I thought it was a teddy bear, LOL sorry. Happy Easter to you and your family.


I think your bunny turned out cute!
As well as your owls ~ owls seem to be the rage right now. I've been seeing them every where.
Wishing you a wonderful Easter with family and friends!
Prim Blessings
Love your bunny veggie tray, Cathy!
And your owls are so sweet! Owls do seem to be the latest thing these days.