The Wall, Geography and a Poll

The Wall
OK, it might have been partially my idea.
I had this idea that we are going to need a gun safe.
Just an idea.
Sometimes they just fall out of my mouth
before I even realize that I am saying them.
You know,
"Did I say that out loud?"
JWS can normally have several reactions to my ideas.
1. Stare at the tv and feign deaf.
(as in, Are you actually crazy?)
in the rare case....
when the stars are perfectly aligned..
in his favor, I might add...
3. Great, let's do it!
The stars were aligned.
maybe it was the ...
"There is no way a gun safe is going in the living room."
that prompted
The Wall
Those of you that are here often
know that I am a bit of a hoarder.
Those of you,
and you know who you are,
that have actually passed the friendship test
have had the privelege to lay actual eyes
on the basement...
well, let's say that you will understand what has
happened here more than anyone.
JWS had an "area" in the basement.
My stuff might have been
into his
So, in preparation for the safe...
he apparently decided
that a wall was the only thing that was going to keep me
my stuff out.
The above picture is his side.
This picture is my side.
Don't call
Buried Alive
I am still working on it.
Baby steps.
For lunch a day last week
we ordered Chinese take-out.
It was a celebration.
Not an every week occurence.
On Friday,
we ate Vietnamese in Pittsburgh
and then on Saturday
as we were planning to go to a Chinese Buffet
with friends,
I say to JWS,
"Oriental food, three times this week,
that is unusual"
Puzzled, he says to me,
"This will only be twice,
lunch and this, what is the third time?"
Me: Vietnamese, on Friday.
JWS:  That is not oriental.
Me: What would you call it? Spanish?
JWS: No, but not Oriental.
Me: Can you point to Vietnam on a map?
JWS:  I would have to see a globe?
The argument discussion continued.
Thank Goodness for Google Earth.
And now....
The Poll
JWS has been conducting an unofficial poll among women.
It is about 70/30 in my favor.
Keep in mind that we live in a pretty redneck/rural area.
In any other civilized society,
I think I would be even farther ahead in this poll.
All excited about the possibility of winning,
JWS tells me that he is buying tickets for this
camouflage recliner.
Not the one pictured,
but I sure it is a close resemblance.

Not to squelch his excitement,
I calmly ask,
"Where do you think that you are going to put that?"
Not to my surprise,
I hear,
"Why in the living room, of course!"
Every part of my being wants to
grab him by the throat...
wait, did I say that out loud also?
I say.
Get that?
He whines, he talks...
another thousand words or so of justification...
and still I say.
And he hasn't even won it.
Hasn't even bought a ticket, yet.
We are not "winning" people.
So he polls....
every woman he talks to.
I am winning.
Mind you, I don't want to offend anyone,
this would be fine in a family room.
We have a family room...
it is red, white and blue.
Not going there.
So, here is my proposition.
Leave a comment.
Let me know your thoughts.
I won't judge.
I haven't seen your house.
Maybe it would fit your decor.
I can take honesty.
Would you allow this in your main living room? 
I, personally think it would be great...
on his side of the wall!


Amber said…
My brother-in-law has that same recliner and it's in their living room. Now, granted, they also have a huge caribou hanging on their wall. It kind of just fits into their house that has a wooden, rustic look to it. But I'm with you. No camo in my living room. THankfully, Brad's not into that. He's not really even into hunting so I've gotten off lucky in not having to fight him about having deer heads hanging on the walls in my living room. Oh, and by the way, we have a big green metal gun safe. In our master bedroom. Oh yeah, baby. It's pretty awesome. (said with sarcasm.)
Sheila said…
OMG Cathy, for as long as I've been following you I should no better than to be drinking my coffee while reading your posts!!!
Now my screen needs cleaning again.
.....and one more for you, the chair would not go in my living room, PERIOD! I'm sure it would look great in a "man cave" on the other side of the "wall!"
Can't wait for the next segment of "Life in the Strate Family."
Amy said…
Oh dear,the basement is where I could have great fun just snooping.
But the chair would have to go,garage maybe !
Connie said…
No. No where in my house either. Period. ROFL

Love reading your posts.
Susannah said…
Honestly? That chair would never be in my family room or my livingroom. He could put it in the basement on his side of the wall.... I might allow that!!!!!
oldecrow said…
Oh I so love reading your blog! the answer is "NO",not now, not ever!In fact, I hate the look of those man cave recliners and I won't allow any of them in my house!My poor hubby has to sit on my beautiful Johnson Benchworks chairs, with his feet up on the matching ottoman! lol (poor hubby)
Have a great day!
Olde Crow Mercantile
Ann said…
For a person who is in to hunting the recliner would be perfect. With that being said I must say that as perfect as it may be it would NOT go in my living room. My husbands man cave would be acceptable though
Joanie said…
Two words.


First of all, it wouldn't pass muster because of the camo fabric. And second, I refuse a chair that reminds me of a marshmallow.

I vote that he can put it on "his" side of the wall.

Love your blog. (It's a bit of "home" for me, I'm a displaced Pittsburgher and a rabid Steeler's fan!)
Sylvia said…
Cathy I'm with you, dig your heels in and stand firm, hahaha.
Sylvia said…
Cathy, I'm with you, dig your heels in and stand firm. Hahahaa