What I Bought, What He Bought

My purchases were mostly at
Pittsburgh Center for Creative ReUse.
I love that place,
patient as JWS is,
I did sense a certain uneasiness
readiness to bolt out of there as soon as I gave the word.
I could stay there for hours.
So, I bought tiles,

and more tiles,

and lots of letters.

The Strip District,
I also bought some ginger.
Homemade ginger ale for Easter dinner!
Can't wait!

JWS bought a fish.
And at PCCR
he bought some golf balls for the boys.
128 golf balls, to be exact, for $5.
(126 of them will turn into projectile objects under
the mower blades in a mere two months or so.)

He also bought a small jar of caviar.
Don't these two things resemble one another?
I assure you, I did not eat either one!

What I did eat was Pho soup.
It was good, but I liked the spring rolls
and the split rice dish better.
All this was at
Tram's Vietnamese Restaurant
Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh,
near Children's Hospital.
Great little place!

Always great to have a little mini


Ann said…
So now I know what Pho is. Now I'm wondering what all those tiles are going to turn in to.
The golf balls and the caviar do look alike
Great finds Cathy (by you that is, the fish and the caviar are not my idea of great finds either I have to say!) I love pho, actually all Vietnamese food, nummy!
Glad you had a great time.

Amy said…
Nice to hear you had a good time. Always fun to get away for a day !
Caths Pennies said…
Im so glad that I visited your blog. I've never heard of the Pittsburgh Center for Creative ReUse. I knew about Construction Junction, but it's been a few years since we've been there. I'll have to make a special Pittsburgh trip now just so I can check that place out!