Baskets from Haiti

My pastor just returned from Haiti.
He goes there a lot
every now and then he brings baskets back for me.
These showed up the other day
when he visited. 
So pretty and durable.
Several years ago he brought this one home.

And six years ago this month,
Shawnee and I traveled there and I brought this one home.
It is really durable and holds the dinosaurs
for the grandchildren.
They love to play with them.
This one was actually too big to fit in anywhere and became
my carry on for the entire trip home.
I took a lot of teasing for that.
We are having a beautiful day here,
nothing like nice weather to energize a body!
Hope that all of you are having a great Saturday!


I love handmade baskets and buy them at craft fairs. They are useful for so many things and beautiful, too! Enjoy your weekend!
Laurie said…
I love these baskets Cathy, they're beautiful! Can't wait for a nice day here, usually by April we've already had a couple nice days to get out in the yard, so far this year though, none!
Susannah said…
Beautiful baskets. There always seems to be a purpose for a basket. I use them for everything.
Kathy said…
Pretty baskets.. love that big one.. have one too.. holds alot of yarn... snow predicted again for today.. a good painting day.. have a lovely sunday..
Amy said…
Lucky you, some really beautiful baskets !
Still looking for spring here. Some sun but cool with a mix of rain & snow. Maybe next week !
pretty baskets.