How Bizarre!

The boys and I made these owls.
Not only is it the general consensus of those around here
that they are just a little weird,
but now the picture won't post right side up.
How Bizarre!
I have to find sticks for the boys' owls to perch on.
drill holes for hanging in the trees outside.
They were for them to give to their
other grandmas.
I have a feeling they will all be hanging in my trees.
That's OK.
I love them!

Prior to the spring warm-up,
commencement of spring mowing,
I was seriously working on
stash busting all the yarn I have accumulated.
This afghan is finished. 
I think it will go in the camper.
The rest will be part of the new
Yarn Bomb.
Watch for it!
And for those of you that DRIVE by
my house...
Watch for Coal Trucks!
You know who you are.
This will hopefully be the biggest yarn bomb in Dayton
to date!

Last Sunday,
I finally got a new chair for my paint room.
See the old one in the back?
Broken down,
no back support.
I bet this new one makes me paint even faster!


Ann said…
The owls are rather cute even upside down.
Love the colors in that afghan
Laurie said…
The owls are so cute! Where did you find that idea, I never would have thunk! Envying your new chair, Cathy!
annie said…
good for you!
the weird owls are cute!
I think they would look great hanging from the trees! great the afghan is finished! yarn bomb?
the owls are cool even upside down. :)