I will try to keep this as brief as possible,
but I would like it stated
as to why I forget things.
That would be things like
oil changes,
doctor appointments,
paying taxes....
you know,
the "things" that just get lost somewhere.
So, here is how the day went.
Hang on.
Up at 5:30 with the vibrating phone text that said
I didn't have to go to Shelby's and keep Kendall
because she was sick.
That could have been a game changer.
Return to Plan A.
(Luckily, I remembered Plan A)
Make the coffee,
update the blog,
cuddle through a Tom and Jerry with Gracelyn,
head to the sewing room
with Gracelyn in tow to finish these.
I would like to interject here
after the lecture from Gracelyn to get rid of stuff
that all of these came out of that "stuff".
Boys come in before school,
Gracelyn watches them get on the bus.
Dress Gracelyn
(yes, she did go to the bus stop in her pajamas)
Get her breakfast, plop her in front of the second
episode of Tom and Jerry,
get my shower.
Realize that the gal who cut my hair, didn't trim my neckline.
I get out of the shower and try to do it myself with the clippers.
Covered in hair, I jump back in the shower and it
feels bumpy so I lather my neck and hairline
and proceed to try to shave that...
Getting that picture?
Get dressed for work with a little more care than normal
because of
Plan A.
Get Gracelyn's stuff and Gracelyn loaded in my car
after she finds a tape measure and has to measure
about 15 things in the yard.
Go to work where it is determined that I will meet the
UPS man in the next town.
(if we don't do this, our UPS doesn't arrive until really late)
Reload Gracelyn and her stuff and the tape measure
into the truck,
she measures about 15 more items.
Leave my car sitting in front of the shop,
thinking someone will move it for me.
Head to the meeting place,
where incidentally Gracelyn's mom agreed to meet me
to deliver her,
get her and the tape measure on their way,
meet the UPS man,
load 14 boxes and packages into the back of the truck
in not comfortable shoes
because of
Plan A.
Go back to work,
pull part way in the parking lot,
get out and move the car out of the way,
(that I thought someone would have parked for me)
pull the truck up...thankfully someone unloaded it.
Oh, wait.
I missed the quick run in for lunch groceries and
the bright idea of artichokes.
I have never even bought fresh artichokes before,
but they looked so good.
I place them in water
all while JWS is asking what I plan to do with those.
I reply that I am not planning to do anything with them
I am hoping that Jenn will.
And so
it is 10 o'clock and work begins..
Bill Pay is still not working on the computer.
Old school style,
whining the whole time,
I write out checks and address envelopes and add stamps.
What a time sucker that is!
(Did I mention that it is Little League season and work is nuts?)
I finish lunch and walk in the office and Logan is crying.
He misses Gracelyn.
Call Shawnee and see if I can drop him off before Plan A.
Load Logan in the car,
take him to Shawnee's house,
counting robins all the way,
(more on that in tomorrow's post)
Leave Shawnee's,
head to town.
A quick stop at the wholesaler for paper towels
for the shop..
and some candy, of course.
Heading to Plan A
I still have a few minutes to spare so I slide through
the thrift shop and find this in the window.
Not sure where it is going, but I loved it!
Something about pictures of
Orange Poppies
always get me.
Heading to Plan A
I get stuck on the Kittanning Bridge.
does that bridge move!
That was more than a little uncomfortable.
And now for
Plan A
Go to Shelby's school,
leave my vehicle,
get her vehicle,
pick up Kamden at the baby sitter's house.
Take Kamden to the doctor's office
Wait in the waiting room...
and I would just like to say something here
at the risk of sounding like a snob...
but really,
if you are taking your child to the doctor
or you are going out in public anywhere...
can you not actually
get dressed!
I am sorry, but
worn out pajama pants,
(it is only 45 degrees out)
greasy hair
are not acceptable public attire.
OK, enough of that rant.
Believe me, it could go on.
and on...no really, I am going to stop now.
Anyway, and so we (Kamden and I)
get called in the office.
(him, not me)
He gets weighed and measured
and I am really wanting Shelby to show up
the shots
she does, thank goodness.
But really, I forgot how traumatic that is.
I think that they hurt worse now
than when my own kids were getting them.
Plan A over,
I do a little shopping because
town is twenty miles away for us
when you are there
you grab stuff.
List filled,
I find this material.

Start of a new quilt that my mom is going to make
for me.
Again, another post, because this one is getting way too long!
Head back saying to myself..
"Don't forget to pick up Logan."
"Don't forget to pick up Logan."
"They will never let me live it down if I don't pick up Logan."
Stop and get Logan,
Count robins the whole way home.
We are at 88,
spring is close!
Unload my car,
go back out to put it in the garage
it is gone.
Apparently JWS was making up for not moving it in the morning and he parks it for me.
The water softener is acting up in the basement..
why I have to go and look at it is totally
Artichokes arrive!
Jenn is an amazing cook,
they were delicious.
What a day!
And those days are the ones that my family
needs to think about when they get frustrated
at my forgetfulness!
Can't someone else remember when the oil
needs changed in my car?


Kathy said…
lol yes I think that would be fair... hope your day today is quieter???? so not happening I know...
Sheila said…
Whew, I'm tired.........when would you fit in the oil change anyway?
OMGosh Cathy you remind me of Erma!
Giggles and hugs,
And the day isn't over yet!!!!................
Elisha said…
Wow... Hope you added "drink martini" at the end of your to do list. Also I HEAR you about the doctors office!!!! Makes you wonder how bad it is at home when that is the norm public attire. I don't let my kids play with waiting room toys anymore because of how dirty some kids are! Hey... You NEVER know WHAT those kids are there for!!!!
Phew I got wore out a loooooooooonnngggg time ago. How do you do it girl?