Laundry Day

We took a little ride on Monday
to find an Amish canvas shop
and soon realized
that it was laundry day.
I wish I could have got more pictures,
JWS was going a little faster than I realized.

Most of them were pretty blurry.

And then,
this is what we found.
Yes, that does say,
"Call at house
Apparently, that is Amish humor.

We snapped a few pics while we waited.

Beehives on the ceiling.

And how about this adding machine?

Finally, this week, I managed to finish the cushion covers
for my camper dinette.
The procrastination was worse than the job.


Laurie said…
I want a clothesline for myself. I always loved the smell of fresh linens dried outside. I love the seat covers, they turned out great Cathy!
Some day I'm going to get some pic's of the Amish wash on the line ~ they always have fun stuff on their lines ~ especially their quilts!
Why are there bee hives on the ceiling??? Weird!
Awesome job on the seat covers!!!
Prim Blessings
Susannah said…
The cushion covers look amazing. They really add to the 1950's look.I would say you have a ton of creativity. I love to see what you are doing on this little camper.

Ann said…
I used to hang my laundry outside but now I'm old and lazy and use the dryer :)