The Wisdom of a Five Year Old

How to Feed a Bottomless Pit
it has been awhile since I had this little girl overnight.
I stole this picture off her Mom's Facebook.
The only picture that I took last night
was a video
we are not going to begin to talk about
how hard that would be to load.
I loved this picture,
now I have it!
So, Gracelyn has become quite the
crafter/talker/analyst/therapist/life coach/EATER!
We will get to the eating later.
On Good Friday,
as I was hobbling along,
(foot issues and we might address that in another post)
she seriously looked at me
kindly asked what was wrong.
"My foot hurts"
was a sufficient answer
or so I thought.
Her comment?
"Well, you are getting a little old."
Last night she was smelling all the Easter flowers
around the house.
(We might have got a little carried away buying flowers at the church this year...I bought, JWS bought, no one checked with one another...hence the house smells like one big hyacinth.)
She stuck her nose in a daffodil and sniffed,
then told me as I sniffed it.
"Mama, my nose goes the whole way in the flower,
yours is way too big."
Ok, attacks on my age, my physical presence?
All accepted.
The next one is where I draw the line.
We dig our way through my sewing room
we are altering her Mom's bathing suit
and making bandannas
for her to take to Florida
to protect that little white head.
(See photo above.)
She looks around,
looks in the closet,
and says,
"Mamaw, you have too much stuff,
you should give some of it away.
There might be people that would like to sew
and don't have anything
you could give them things."
As she is taking inventory in the closet she says.
"They might need cloth or yarn and you have lots
of it and don't really need it all and you
could share what you have."
"I gave away lots of my toys because I really
didn't need them all and someone else
that didn't have as many toys
could play with mine,
you should give away some stuff!"
Life coach at five!
what I would really like to know...
is this...
That last shout went out to my family!
And now on to the food.
This child spent the first five years of her life
Yesterday she ate:
(in this order)
a corn dog
a Bomb Pop
(which she called an American State Pop
because they are red, white and blue)
another Bomb Pop
another Bomb Pop
another Bomb Pop
string cheese
chicken nuggets
potato chips
string cheese
another string cheese
another Bomb Pop
(yes, you are counting right, that is five)
more string cheese
ice cream
more popcorn.
All in eight hours
and was asking for more chips
before she went to bed.
She just woke up and now I have to look for
breakfast food!


Karen said…
OMGosh kids are so honest aren't they...LOL
Well not with some things like the nose or old...but we all probably should 'take stock' of the things we have and possibly consider sharing with others...I know I have way too much. Funny how she kept that in her mind because of what she had done with her toys. But what a lovely life lesson for her at age 5. Bless her parents for instilling that in her.

My goodness didn't she bounce off the walls with all those sugar bomb pops...LOL

Adorable child I might add.
Holly said…
Oh the honesty of a five year old. Trust me, my five year old has put me in place several times. :) You never know what is going to come out of those little mouths. Hope you have some groceries left when she is done!
Sheila said…
Those little ones are so honest. Love her "life lesson" which is important to teach everyone. Our daughter has been teaching the boys to do the same thing about giving away toys and clothes they don't need and it's awesome to hear them tell the story just like Gracelyn did. The boys where here for a few days before Easter. Jonas wanted to do an Easter craft so we went down to the craft room...yes it's a mess but that's why it's downstairs away from everything else. He walks in the room and first thing he says is "ah, Grammy, don't you ever vacuum in here?" "My moms craft room is a mess too, she's just like you!" (Spanish moss is VERY messy) I had to laugh because he was right, again!
Never could I have fed those boys that many Bomb Pops!!!
Laurie said…
Out of the mouths of babes! Kids are so precious, aren't they? Especially when it comes to pointing out the obvious! She is adorable, comments and all!
Amy said…
What a sweetie and such a beautiful little girl. What fun to have her around,enjoy as they grow too fast !
Ann said…
I laughed the whole way through this. I think you might want to guard your "stuff" though before she brings people in to give it
I miss those days when my Boys where little, but it doesn't get any better when they are older! My boy's still tell me that I am a hoarder and need to get rid of things.Love the picture of your 2 grandchildren. How adorable!! Have a wonderful day, Cathy!