Flowers and Finds

Apple Blossoms on the neighbor's tree.

Double Tulips that are exceptionally nice this year.

I have been cleaning up at yard sales lately!
I have even managed to add a few more items to my etsy shop.
Stop on over if you have a chance.
I am trying to add new items daily.

Canister set, that I have not decided if I am keeping it or not.

The cake carrier to match.

Vintage recipe box.
I might just paint this.

And these owls! 
25 cents! 
They promptly went on the wall in the camper
 to cover a place that that trim was missing!
Stop on over,
EllieJ is shaping up!


beautiful flower pics. Don't believe that I've ever seen double tulips before.

Laurie said…
I've never seen double tulips Cathy, they're so beautiful. Love how your camper is turning out!!