Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Owl Painting Step by Step - Free Painting Pattern and Directions


The picture above is not exactly like the one that we
are painting here.
Just another variation of what you could do with these.
First of all...
Feel free to use this pattern in any way you choose.
You can paint these and sell them. 
You can post them on the internet.
You can pin them to pinterest.
The only request that I make is to not take the
directions as your own and publish them
anywhere else.
Hey people,
it's a free painting pattern!
The least that you could do is just link back here
when you use it!
I love to see that people are using the pattern
and directions!

So, here we go.
This is the line drawing.
As you will see,
I forgot the beak on the large owl.  
It is just an upside down teardrop.

Start by basecoating all the areas in.
Don't worry about the feet or the branch right now
Large Owl
Wings - Midnight Blue
Belly - Hauser Light Green
Head - Light Avocado
Crown - Terra Cotta
Beak - Antique Gold
Eyes on Both - Grey Sky
Small Owl
Belly - Terra Cotta
Wings - Turquoise Blue
Crown/Beak - Green Tea
Simple, so far, right?

Shading and Highlighting
Large Owl
Wings and Tail - Highlight Turquoise Blue
Belly - Shade with Hauser Light Green plus Midnight
Highlight with Green Tea
Head- Highlight with Green Tea
Crown - Highlight with Terra Cotta + Antique Gold
Small Owl
Belly - Shade with Terra Cotta + Chocolate
Highlight with Terra Cotta + Antique Gold
Sides and Wings - Shade with Blue Haze
Highlight with Light Turquoise + White
Crown/Beak - Shade with Hauser Light Green
Highlight with White

Base coat again with Grey Sky to even up the edges.
Shade with Grey Sky + Black
Highlight with White.
I use a round brush for these.

(As a sidenote, these pictures got way out of order.
My camera is clear on the other side of the house,
not a problem, normally, but everything is way harder on
these crutches, so bear with me....
I tried to do this on the Blogger App from my phone.
One of us, the App or me, might have some bugs that
need worked out)

One set of eyes is Terra Cotta,
highlighted with Antique Gold.
The other set is Light Avocado
highlighted with Green Tea.
Add the black centers and a couple of little white
highlights and
they have a personality.

The branch is painted next.
I used a round brush for this also.
Paint with Light Cinnamon,
shade with Black
and highlight here and there
Terra Cotta and Antique Gold.
The beaks and feet are painted with
Antique Gold
Antique Gold and White
and shaded with Terra Cotta.

On some of them,
I sideloaded feathers on the belly area
with the highlight color.

Make a thin mixture of Black and Light Cinnamon
and outline/clean up where areas meet.
This does not need to be a complete, cartoony outline,
just here and there.
Add the leaves,
some linework and you are

I hope that you find these helpful.
I always like to see pictures of what you have done!
If you are on Facebook,
you can follow along at


jennifer768 said...

Good morning,let me start by saying that I love your pattern!This was a wonderful tutorial.It seems like it has been forever since I painted anything.Have a wonderful week.Hugs,Jen

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

So Cute!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!
For non painters ~ it would make a cute punch needle project.
Prim Blessings

Ann said...

Love the owls. You make this sound so easy. I've always wished I could paint so that it didn't look like a grade school picture :) I just may have to give this a try. Thanks for the directions and pattern

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing your tutorial, Cathy!
As always another awesome creation by you.
Take Care