Fairy Gardens for Dummies

It might need a little tweaking,
but really,
now I want to make about 15 more!
The fun that it provided for four children,
was really worth it all.
I did not want the sequins,
they happened to be in the container
with the stones
now I will be cleaning sequins out of my yard
for the
next 10 years or so. 
I really should know better.
So here's MY tutorial.
I am sure that there are more precise ones
But honestly,
do those real tutorials
ever fit YOUR lifestyle?
This is what you start with.
The table happened to be on my deck still
Jenn, the non-sewer,
Pinterest addict
that wanted to make a dress for herself
outside on the deck.
More on that another day.

The wire basket was just a thought,
it didn't work.
we have
a large plastic planter.
(not a big fan of plastic planters,
but it was all I could find)
a broken clay pot,
some small clay pots,
garden tools for getting the plants out of the yard,
potting soil,
some rocks,
some sticks,
a nice cold glass of water,
something stronger
if you are not real fond of crafting/gardening.
Oh, wait,
after I broke the pot MORE,
I needed glue, also.
My tutorial that I read
"lightly tap the pot to break it into the shape you like"
in my world,
nothing ever gets done
so I have to keep the glue handy.
And after several attempts at arrangements,
we are ready.
Time for the plants.
Peruse your garden,
peruse your neighbor's garden,
inspect the yard.
Any plant with little,
close together leaves will work.
I found tiny
hens and chickens,
(Shawnee later brought me mini ones that she had)
creeping phlox,
sweet woodruff,
a couple of creeping perennial ground covers
that I have no idea the name of,
even a weed that I call
Hog's Salad.
Plant them and then give them haircuts!
Now, the step I missed was the moss. 
I have tons of moss everywhere.
You might have to go to the woods for that...
heaven forbid,
buy some.
I was trying to make this with items that I found
in the hoard,
and not have to buy anything.
I had made some picket fences and gates with popsicle sticks,
painted some wooden mushrooms
am still looking for the "right" house for at the top.
Kendall found that one that she had painted on her last visit
thought it was perfect.
And it was ready for Kendall and Gracelyn to place the accessories.
the Smurfs showed up first!
And what a time they had!
Tyler, Logan, Gracelyn and Kendall crowded around playing with it.
At one point,
the comment was made,
"Grandma, you need to make more of these so everyone has their own!"
Off to the hoard....I mean stash.


What a cute idea. Turned out really nice!!!! You have the best ideas for the kids!!!!
pammyjo said…
You are a fabulous gramma!
Ann said…
That is seriously cute.
Well that's just about the cutest thing ever. Great project for kiddo's like you said.

Hi! such a great idea and use for those old and broken pots. I've got a couple. Sorry I haven't hopped over in a while. I enjoy reading your posts as much as what you're posting about ;-) The Smurfs are a hoot! I'd have to use the mini knomes.
What a wonderful idea Cathy. Your Fairy Garden turned out wonderful. Glad to hear the kids Love it!